Alex, Uh, He Bows To Zack Wild

So my eBow Plus finally arrived. Yup, this baby creates feedback on guitar strings, allowing me to make violin-like, attackless sounds with the guitar. Harmonica, flute, string sections, theremins and the like can be coaxed from a guitar. It came with a badge which implied “no picks allowed” but I don’t use picks anyway. 😛

I was thinking of getting new strings while at it, considering how likely I’d get rabies from the old ones. I got myself Elixir .011 Polyweb strings. Shiny, smooth buggers with a coating that would protect it from rust and grime, allowing it to last 3-4 times longer than normal strings. Sadly, it was the only one left, or else I’d have gotten the electric ones, at most .010 or .009 gauge. This one however was for acoustic, and had a wound third string. 🙁 Blues bending would need lots of strength and practice on the third string. Also, because the strings were slippery, I was more likely to lose my grip while bending, for the strings to painfully snap back.

I also could not locate pliers (I don’t have a string cutter) so what do you do with leftover wire? The Polyweb strings could not snap just by bending it back and forth!

And so, I made my Yamaha look like a BC Rich. Cellotape them up and your guitar’s looking sharp.

Sadly, the Polyweb strings make it a lot harder to activate the feedback on the eBow. Recordings shall come soon enough; I’ve been playing The Beatles – Yesterday for a while now, and now I can lay down the backing string sections with the eBow!

There you go people, a guitar-related post. How could you guys not know that I play guitar? I even have a metal guitar slide, a ukelele and a wah pedal!

On a side note, check out Zack Kim‘s blog! This crazy shredder shreds with Cosmic Funk Express and now shows off how he can play two guitars with two different guitar lines on video! Where? On Zack Kim‘s site, of course!

15 thoughts on “Alex, Uh, He Bows To Zack Wild

  1. Closet Groupie Post author

    oooooh hey, lucky you. I got to experiment with a friend’s eBow ages ago, he got it sent all the way from england for 90 pounds or something. But his couldn’t do all the nifty harmonica/flute/blabla sounds, just strings. Have fun with yours =)

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Yuenqi: So you have strings INSIDE the body of your acoustic guitar? Doesn’t that make for rather funky resonance?

    Dave: I ordered it at The Guitar Store, Damansara Perdana (near Friendster Coffee). It was a whopping RM660. :O

  3. Tracy Post author

    Hello from Newcastle! I wanna see you play the ukelele when I get back…yeah? If you play a mean ukelele, I’ll play the Mario Bros that you’ve been bugging me about. Deal?

  4. syakirkhalid Post author


    You can be a classical guitarist. Which means you will probably pwn every other type of guitarists. Honest 🙂 Elitsm aside.

  5. Ian Post author

    Yo Albert, didn’t knew you play the guitar . I am thinking of picking up an electrical one sometime soon @ Bentley’s.

    How much did you pay for your Yamaha acoustic guitar?

  6. Albert Ng Post author

    Ian: Actually, it was a birthday present to my sister. It was the cheapest acoustic guitar, the F-210, for less than RM300. I have to say it’s nice, bright and has very comfortable action, especially once you string it with .009 gauge electric strings.

  7. Lam Post author

    Hey, I don’t know whether you’re gonna read this, in faith I hope you do…

    Just trying my luck by typing Ebow on Google, and that’s how I stumbled upon this blog. I am very interested to purchase an Ebow, but apparently they don’t have it here in Malaysia. I was wondering how did you acquire it, or is there anywhere in Malaysia that you know of, which sells the Ebow? Thanks in advance…


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