Of Cheese And Camels

So I went for a movie marathon with a cheesy chick, who, with the magic of her Steadyshot Sony Cybershot T9, has managed to capture a picture with the right angle and lighting such that it looked like I slept a good 8 hours every night.

Some of you may recognize the shirt.

Some of you may also notice that I don’t usually camwhore; that is because with her magical skills with the uh… lighting and angle of the camera, I looked like the bed was my best friend.

Anyway, what is a movie marathon but a celebration of movies, in plural form, in more than one? Alas, two is not grand, toe-numbing and worthy of the epic porportions that the word “marathon” implies. But still.

Big Momma’s House 2 was just alright, not too in-your-face black, not over-the-top, but that is subjective to how many black movies you’ve seen to say that Big Momma was relatively not as annoying as some other black “whatcha looking at foo?” movies.

Prime, with a name like Meryl Streep, initially scared me as I thought her name would imply a chick flick. Thank God it wasn’t, and that it was a romantic comedy, with a shy Jewish momma’s boy I could relate to, and an unusually hot 37-year old. Oh. Then, it was revealed that she was a model, and that she was Uma Thurman who incidentally is 36 this year. She did look familiar, but it didn’t strike me who it was. A pleasantly good surprise for a movie I did not read any synopsis on, and a much more mature, logical and believable than A Lot Like Love.

I then bought the original DVD to Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit! The bonus DVD features include DVD games where you gotta whack bunnies that pop out of holes (very inventive use) and dressing up Lady Tottingham, for example. There’s also an alternative ending. Way cool. Eat your hearts cheese out, people!

7 thoughts on “Of Cheese And Camels

  1. Lyne Post author

    Albie I want the T9 although it lags a little!
    And I want your cheekbones!
    You can have some of my cheeks in exchange.
    Be a face model Albie!!! =P


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