Digital Watcher

What do you first notice about the hand?

The self-inflicted cut?
(I don’t cut myself; I got this while sleeping on the bus in a weird angle, I suppose.)

The Open Minds wristband?
(I got this from the Spirit Of Independence gig, which really is for charity, for Down’s Syndrome, and not some money-making Nike fad.)

The digital watch?
Well, hopefully, you’d notice it in that order. I wear the wristband so I can say that I got it at Paul’s Place, for a real charity, and also to distract from the fact that I’m wearing a digital watch.

People say digital watches are uncool.

However, the same people can’t read analog watches.

I love digital watches. I love the alarm. I love the stopwatch. I love the auto-resetting countdown timer on this Casio, and the Casio before that (thanks to colleagues for getting the right watch with enough features as a present or I might not wear it…) And yes, I can read an analog watch well.

On a side note, my blue hair is a distraction to my long hair which is a distraction to… something else, which I will only explain to you in real life.

7 thoughts on “Digital Watcher

  1. Laynie Post author

    I have a digital watch that sorta looks like an analog. It’s cool because I say it is. If you don’t think so, speak up! I’m taking you down…

  2. uner Post author

    dude, xfresh forum is now faster, but where all the archives go? did you all deleted them? *sigh..

    *sorry, comment not related to post 😛

  3. Jaymee Post author

    Oh. I was supposed to notice the cut? (Cut? What cut?) I was kinda like "Hey look, BRIGHT YELLOW WRISTBAND HOW GAUCHE" as if I were some elitist prig.


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