Not Albert

He did not order his favorite dish. But he was not Albert.

He went out of his way, beyond his normal principles, beyond his definition. He was not Albert.

He kept the stupid tactless things, and objective comparisons, to himself, causing more awkwardness. He was not Albert.

He could’ve done something cooler. But he was not Albert.

He was red-faced when even alcohol would not flush his face. He was doing what Albert would not do.

He could’ve come home either happy or feeling like a failure. He came home not feeling like Albert.

He blindly did and fell right into the trap. He’d be damned if he did or if he didn’t, but he certainly did not take Albert’s course of action.

He apologizes for that. For it was very challenging, and excruciating, for him not to be Albert.

However, Albert will tell you what he thinks of the movie Casanova:

Quaint, richly decorated Venice landscapes and awesome cinematography emphasize on the great romanticness of this movie. However, the movie stumbles upon its mixed genres. It has excellent, sharp pokes at the church, like “is a confession all you need?” at a court. It has clever puns and double entendres, but those are few and far in between. In the meantime they have a lot of senseless, unfunny slapstick in the background. Yes, they have interesting character-swapping twists that tend to confuse, but if you’re looking for something romantic with clever flirty wit, I’d go with Down With Love.

6 thoughts on “Not Albert

  1. foongjin Post author

    sorry i was on the phone for so long!

    erm…*tries very hard to interpret the deep meaning behind the post*

    erm…why do you have to NOT be Albert in the first place?

  2. louyau Post author

    Actually … i only like the settings of the whole Venice background. The story line is kinda like well … expected … the humors … bit dry. And Sienna Miller … i just dont know why … i dont find her interesting!

  3. Chapree Da Grande Post author

    Interpret this –> "Everybody loves bukake!" XD

    On other thought, there’s a long clip available on Apple’s trailers page. I’m not impressed and I rather spend the money to watch Buli Balik for 2nd or 3rd time.


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