Guess what this is.

Anyway, I got off the Kepong KTM Komuter station, and the walkover was in darkness. I heard some skinheads laughing rowdily in the background, with black jackets, studded belts, boots and blond mohawks. In the darkness, I heard some tapping; it was a blind man, to my left, with a walking stick (as in, a stick that aids his walking, not a stick that walks.)

Abang mau pergi mana?” (Where do you want to go brother?)

One of the skinheads was guiding the blind man!

They joked about the darkness and how they could relate to him. All four of them sent him off past the ticketing machines.

A touching moment, not easily captured on film due to the lack of light all around the station.

People in subcultures are still helpful Malaysians, you know.

6 thoughts on “Subcultured

  1. gianne Post author

    it’s often that way =P. it’s just that the majority of people here gotta broaden their minds… doesn’t mean if they dress or look badass they shouldn’t be given a chance to show the face behind the mask.

    the blind man couldnt see what they look like, so it’s up for their gestures and hearts.

    PS: that picture is so totally a upward shot of a signboard, mwahahahah! sorry i burst the bubble so quickly *goes and rejoice*

  2. syakirkhalid Post author

    Great story bro. Now all you need to do is find a black metal dude in a similar situation and actually record it this time. Then, you can show those f00s who generalized on Malaysia’s subcultures..


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