Busky Saturday

10th May 2014: Busk Stop: A Kakiseni Busking Project ft. Calico @ Pavilion / Apr 2014!

Hello Calico!

As per the poster, Yvonne is now full-on triangle due to too much exposure to hipsters.

Ridiculously photogenic couple in the crowd.

This would be my second time seeing Calico, with some original songs!

They also covered Destiny’s Child’s cover of Emotion – Cheryl Lau Sang/Samantha Sang sang the original, written by Barry Gibb (who’d later sing it in his band, the Bee Gees.)

Yvonne can do the breathy histrionics required by anybody who’d dare to cover Beyonce.

Crowd and bokeh.

What’s shaking?

Reza Salleh of Moonshine Productions, taking a 15 second Instavideo.

Meanwhile, over at #BuskStop (just another event page), my pictures were used again (spot me twice!)

Brendan James de Cruz.

His voice is like of one of the greats of rock and roll…

…deep, rough, and projected really well, without the high-pitched histrionics that come with Axl Rose (coincidentally, he did a cover of Guns N Roses – Sweet Child Of Mine).

Meanwhile, Hameer Zawawi, emcee and organizer for this Busk Stop, takes a selfie.

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