No Black Tie Presents… Electronica With Dash / Stalk + Sudar

11th May 2014: No Black Tie Presents… Electronica With Dash / Stalk + Sudar.

This is Sudar.

Stalk, on saxophone with a wah pedal! He also made bleeps.

Stalk + Sudar, for a whole lot of noise with matching ponytails and flowy beards.

Darren Ashley watches from above.

Ming practices.

Spot the return of Miss Eh-pearl! Ironic how she has done one full circle.

Then came the main act, Dash! Jeremy introduced the band.

Darren Ashley. D-Ash. So yeah, Dash.

Electronica showdown.

Dance to the music!

Darren’s arch-nemesis, John Oommen, appears on stage. He is the vocalist and guitarist for Paperplane Pursuit, and sings with Darren Ashley for an irresistably catchy song called Beat Of Your Love.

Ming on guitar.

Darren on two Kaoss pads.

This is the view from upstairs.

How matching, these arch-enemies – one is the red team, the other, the blue team, like Capture The Flag.

Isaac on guitar.

Eugene, who uses a synthesizer to play the bass lines.

Darren then whips out a guitar for one of his classic acoustic jazz-soul-funk-ballad songs, pre-electronica.

Yup, here it is!

Ryan on drums is joined by Ming.

The whole band joins in for a drum circle finish!

I picked up the CD, and autographs from the band (minus Eugene, who probably was out celebrating his birthday.) It only has 2 songs but I’m waiting for a double album that has one CD full of his electro-pop goodness and one CD full of his acoustic goodness.

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