The Acoustic Crinkle Cut

12th May 2014: Crinkle Cut at Table 23!

This was an acoustic take on Crinkle Cut…

…with Ashley who usually plots bleeps on her iPad, just being on cajon.

Grace Foo, cheeky clown.

Melissa Wong, also known as the guitarist/vocalist of Dotters’ Division, on guitar and backing vocals here.

Frances Tsen, from East Malaysia, has been described to me as having a voice that is African American – taking their take on Al Green – Let’s Stay Together all the more awesome.

They have this loungey jazzy soul sound.

I got excited when I heard what I thought were the intro chords to Sly And The Family Stone – If You Want Me To Stay (the live piano version, not the funky album version) but it was Musiq Soulchild – Just Friends (Sunny); still awesome! Apparently, I was not alone in thinking that there was a similarity – there’s a band out there who merged the two.

Please pardon the videobumbers – my camera was on the table, tilting slightly up, so it wasn’t obvious to the videobumbers that I was recording a video.

So if the band is reading this, consider this my little request in a small square paper. 🙂

Three’s harmony!

One reason why I don’t habitually take pictures of a band with all the members in the same picture, is because of how it’s hard to compose so that no member is too far off one side. I got lucky with this one.

Second set, with rearrangement.

Having seen Melissa with Crinkle Cut without glasses, and with Dotters’ Division with glasses, I became convinced that she was pulling a Clark Kent on us. This theory was disproven when she performed with glasses in Crinkle Cut.

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