Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Jaya One ft. Cassandra Mary & Jumero / May 2014 Edition

13th May 2014: Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Jaya One ft. Cassandra Mary & Jumero / May 2014 Edition. Here’s Hameer Zawawi with always original riffage. (I missed the first performer, Melinya, also the sound engineer, by an inch.)

Interestingly, despite the crowd, there were less signups, so it was declared that the earlier acts would play 3 songs instead of 2.

Reza Salleh, organizer.

Nicky & Cheryl.

A capo made of a wooden ruler, a door handle and screws! How awesome! (Her reason being that normal capos don’t fit her wide-necked classical guitar well.)

Ashley Chan, with a different backing band this time.

First featured act, Cassandra Mary.

She’s too damn cool.

I even sat with her ex-colleagues who described how cool she was as she walked coolly into the office, doing cool things like whatever it is she does coolly at work.

This was the first time I realized that The Bee had a big logo above the sliding doors! It all made sense now why the sliding doors were where they were.

Second featured act, Jumero.

Joined by Ashley Chan!

Syamee Shamsul.

Adam. I missed Jeremy just before this.

ASDF, named after Anthony, Sharon, David and Faz. Interestingly, if you omit Anthony, the rest of the band are members of Quirky Qwerty – and QWERTY is from the top row of letters on a QWERTY keyboard, while ASDF is from the second row of letters, just below QWERTY. Sharon, David and Faz also play in Tabloid… but that’s not as noteworthy in this keyboard layout discussion.




Guest appearance by Herman Ramanado.

Added to the mix: Yvonne Chong, Sharon’s sister, and Sachie Amira, behind her.

Calico performed after, with just Yvonne and Faz.

Syamee won the competition for the night, to sing songs with a Mother’s Day theme.

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