Nightshift Is The Right Shift

16th May 2014: Nightshift, at Phat Barrels, Publika.

Yes, the band is named after The Commodores’ song, Nightshift, and it could be expected that their songs would follow a similar vein.

Andy Chong on guitar, with searing licks and guitar solos.

What bassist Ian is doing with a drumstick I’ll never know.

Drummer Jared Cheow. To this day I cannot get used to seeing him being skinny.

Emmanuel on vocals.

Jack on keys.

I wonder if there are keyboards that are able to have different tones when played with different hands – where one hand would wear a glove that would insulate from electricity, and the keyboardist would conduct a low-powered circuit when touching the keys with bare hands. Kind of like how touching a theremin’s volume antenna would mute it. Thus you could program the keyboard so that the gloved hand could play a organ-like patch, while the bare, grounded hand could play a hot lead solo patch. That way keyboardists might get away with one keyboard and two simultaneous sounds.


One of many covers was that of Jamiroquai – Love Fool. Been a while since I’ve heard anyone cover that!

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