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So Asian Hottest Blogger nominee, Agent Ching and I went to KL Performing Arts Centre one Sunday to watch The Homecoming, a twisted play about a man who brings his wife to meet his dysfunctional family. There’s real actual kissing on stage, so if you’ve never seen it in a play, this would be the chance. Plus, Loo Jia-Wei is hot.

We then adjourned to the swings in Sentul Park for some camwhoring but uploading that, I leave for later. We found out too late that Kenny Sia was in the vicinity too! By then, he was already in The Curve, so out of lack of dinner plans we decided to steal his. Dinner plans I mean, not dinner.

We also knew that he was with Jasiminne, so we rushed over to see how hot she was. Neither of us had commented on her blog nor linked to her, so we could still pretend to not know who she is.

But the truth is, we bloggers are also professional stalkers researchers. I recently discovered that non-bloggers are getting just as skilled in research, so HELLO THERE! Here’s a cookie for you!

Upon meeting them amidst borders made of bookshelves in Borders, Kenny said, “Hello Cheesie!” and they hugged. He then said, “Hello Albert.” While it may be presumptuous to assume that nobody reads my blog, I did feel a pang of pride being… recognized by a big man with big coconuts.

Then, Jasiminne said “Hello Cheesie!” and they hugged. She then turned to me and said “Hello peacock!” Damn shy I tell you. She’d only know that nickname if she researched, and she said she preferred the original color, when it was freshly metallic blue, which would mean further research into my archives. *gasp*

I know my statistics! Most of you don’t read my archives, and don’t bother clicking when I link to older posts!

However, to reveal such technical tracerouting is monologuing of sorts already, and I shall attempt to stop revealing my methods, lest bloggers around assume that I have done my research when I haven’t. Being acknowledged by a famous blogger gives you a sense of accomplishment, because it means you have become famous in your own right. And damn, I’ve become old and grandfatherly. I’ve already started telling people how I met Minishorts before she even had a domain, or how Paul Tan and I used to sleep stay overnight at the office singing Californication.

I also know six CLEO Bachelors this year, of which I have two phone numbers.

I think I’ve been reading too much Lainie (who is now linked), hence the jumpy paragraphing style.

Anyway, how do I jump back to the original intended mood of my post, which was based on these pictures?

I should win the Asian Hottest Blogger award!
But you’re not even in it!

Me with that rare pimp smile.

8 thoughts on “Homecoming, Bloghopping

  1. Albert Ng Post author


    I don’t think anyone could forget Joey. I bet Mei-Lynn thinks of him until now.

  2. Chapree Da Grande Post author

    "If you want to be a successful playah, you got to play it like Albert. Nobody play it like Albert did. Not even poseurs from street of Bangsar can do it like him."

    – lyrics from my still untitled next song.


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