I Heart Rock

For once, I sat close enough to the stage in Jamasia, Hartamas, to get nice, bright shots at minimal optical zoom, allowing for big apertures, thus better exposure. The occasion? Heart Rock, a charity gig.

Broken Scar started the set with his Emily The Strange Epiphone SG.

Zack of Cosmic Funk Express rips out three thousand notes in a spacey, mind-bending frenzy. You can see the effect on Alex, the drummer.

As for Alda who was standing on the bass drum, well, he just loves beer. His bass had to be retuned halfway, and so Zack unveiled his touch-tapped version of the Doraemon theme song!

We were also treated to Alda’s vocal debut, singing Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ version of Jimi Hendrix – Fire.

Needless to say, we’ll request for Eric Johnson – Cliffs Of Dover next time.

Stonebay‘s grungy vocalist has a pretty guitar.

Naked Breed, featuring Melina of Tempered Mental. Interestingly, Tempered Mental would feature Jack The Shredder of Naked Breed.

Guitarists might recognize this neo-classical and blues shredder from Bentley Music, filling in, in Edge Of Fire. Shaun Ng was also the first ever webdesigner for Xfresh, but that was ages ago.

Daniel of Edge Of Fire, in my opinion, is the only handsome Korean-looking Chinese guy there is.

What’s with you not-exactly-prepubescent girls and your obsession with slanty eyes and long dragged faces? I knew a girl who had good taste (in looks anyway.) Then comes Korean-looking Chinese boy and she’s nuts about him and how he’s so cute. I do not consider a guy who has such a long stoned face and doesn’t smile or even smirk when camwhoring with girlfriend… cute. Do I have to slap some expression into you? Dammit, you got yourself a hot chick, don’t look so sad okayyy.

Note that I say Korean-looking Chinese guy, not Korean guy, because Zack is da shiznit, and is the sensation on YouTube.

Anyway, back to the story. Shaun broke a string. Oh no what do we do? Fear not! The band plays an acoustic cover of Mr. Big – To Be With You.

Polar Attraction, with Jaya Satriani. Even spacier than Cosmic Funk Express.

One Buck Short ends the set. How the heck do you play after a shredder band?

In unrelated news, I got the chance to play with a Canon EOS 350D at a later gig. Yes that’s right, a digital SLR camera! My friend had a Canon 17-85mm, F4-5.6 lens on. That combination was sweet, but the lens had a prohibitive price (and anything with a bigger aperture would cost at least 4 times more), and it wasn’t that bright either, so I kept to ISO1600 at all times. Manual focus was only fun when it was bright enough, plus the viewfinder could be so much bigger. It was only much later that he revealed the Speedlite 430EX he was carrying, but I was lazy to test it out. Besides, flashing isn’t my preferred style.

This is why I would not get a digital SLR – I would not be pleased with it. I already know the limits of what I can afford!

4 thoughts on “I Heart Rock

  1. midnite lily Post author

    my bro can sing? =P shows how much i don’t know. tsk.

    i have a picture of you sitting on the floor at Lil Havana… i couldn’t resist

  2. alda Post author

    cant sing, hhahhaa thats why he said they will ask for cliff’s of dover next time, that an intrumental song


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