Lot 36: Dotters’ Division Times Two

10th May 2014: Lot 36: Dotters’ Division, at The Bee, Publika!

This time, with Kevin Ong on guitar, filling in for the saxophone leads that Audrey would usually play, as well as some solo work!

Linet Goh, band leader and backup vocalist.

Rebecca, terrorizer of drums.

Jie Er, always hiding.

Melissa, on expressions.

Now one, without.

Since it was Mother’s Day they did a sweet loungey cover of Boyz II Men – A Song For Mama.

It was also interesting to hear their take on Linkin Park – In The End, besides traversing pop music’s catalog all the way back to the 60s.

Once in a while…

…she’d outsource the job of singing…

…to the crowd.

Oops I dropped my vocal cords.

He’s got his.

Occasionally conducting, too!

The Bee’s staff sings along.

Crinkle Cut, another band Melissa is in.

Crinkle Cut fries respond well to sauce. So do Crinkle Cut cucumbers. I’ll never know what exactly was Crinkle Cut.

Okay now crazy lady with sauce bottle has left.

Soundman Mokhtar gets in on it.

You’ll never make me sing! Poor bear all passed out.

Not sure where the mike went for this one.

Strangely, I don’t remember the table near the door looking like this! I remember it being a sofa you can’t get out of.

I thought this table was square.

Sometimes I estimate the position wrongly and end up on the other side of the table.

Last table.


Two weeks later, 24th May 2014: Dotters’ Division featuring Sachie Amira & Kevin Ong!

Here’s Sachie looking all badass.

That role is usually Jie Er’s.

Rebecca discovers I’ve sneaked in.

Linet attracts a lot of lame jokes. This is what happens when you tell her one.

First time I’d see Audrey and Kevin on stage at the same time!

One thing that really sets this band apart from others, even though they only do covers so far, is the instruments used – Audrey’s lead saxophone gives many songs a different warmth, while avoiding that elevator music feeling.


Oh yes, and the keyboard sound.

Throw in a crazy, bubbly vocalist, too!

Then guess who showed up after skipping work to go shopping? (Evidence is under her elbow.) As it turns out, she’d just attended a wedding.

The usual crazy bubbly vocalist!

Melissa called for an encore…

…so she was asked to sing it.

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