Feedback Open Mic ft Saturday Afternoon & Talitha Tan @ The Bee Publika / May 2014 Edition

27th May 2014: Feedback Open Mic ft Saturday Afternoon & Talitha Tan @ The Bee Publika / May 2014 Edition! Here’s Sedsuna, awesome progressive instrumental rock.

Fikri Azam.

Kevin Theseira, emcee.

Remy J. with a new song, fresh.

Jia Wen took this picture of me. This here helps those of you who have no idea what I look like now.

Jia Wen, grinner and a winner.

Yvonne, not triangle today, just full-on square.

Samantha & Jash?

Nabeel of Nabeel & Emilia.

Emilia, on Raja Farouque’s cool green guitar.

Powerhouse of vocals from Kelly Siew of Kelly Siew & Raja Farouque!

Farouque, being all selamba.

He then teleports to the next band…

Talitha Tan & Friends!

First featured act of the night.

Dat hair.

What do you call a British cajon? Cajonue.

Then came another cajon…

…for the second featured act.

Saturday Afternoon.

Fariz’s voice goes deep.

Meanwhile, I finally found out what that door that the boogey man sleeps inside, actually stores. Boogey drinks.

Here’s Pink Punk Chop. Yes, this is a montage of 2 pictures.

So is this. Gives a very interesting perspective. Perhaps I should try shooting with the intention of making these.

Then came Idzwan & Friends (I think.) Cool moustache!

Idzwan sang an awesome cover of The Beatles – Something, and did the solo with that classic Les Paul guitar tone… just nicely overdriven.

His bandmate, on a Gibson Les Paul, beautiful and shiny.

STFO took a long time to set up. Guys, get a tuner!

But when they did, they did solid punk rock and reggae.

Calico, with Yvonne Chong the vocal gymnast…

…and Faz on guitar.

Incognito. Surprisingly, this is not a collage. Moments like these are rare, where they are in progressive states of head tilt and height.

The night’s challenge, to sing Grammy nominee covers, was won by Incognito, Pink Punk Chop and Calico.

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