That Jump Gathering, Part 2

Jasiminne told me something very interesting at the gathering. I’m not even fully extending my fingers, and yet I believe her theory is wrong, or my fingers are unporportionately shorter than the rest of me.

The plus sign denotes people not originally not on the list, because Jolene said we could bring a friend. People struck out did not come, yeah 14 of 40 invites, or 35% FFK rate.

And now, for Part 2 of that gathering. I shall attempt an attendee list, based on the original list by Tan Yee Hou:

  1. Albert
  2. April
  3. Aprilcherrie
  4. Avril Chan
  5. + Barry (Suet Li’s boyfriend)
  6. + Brandon (Aprilcherrie’s boyfriend)
  7. Calvin
  8. Calvin Tay
  9. Chee Kiang
  10. + Cheesie (*I* invited her okayyy you picture takers you)
  11. Cheng Sim
  12. Chung Lern
  13. Dustyhawk
  14. Elaine
  15. Eliza
  16. Fireangel
  17. Jasiminne Yip
  18. Jason Lioh
  19. Jennifer Ooi
  20. Jolene Lai
  21. + Julie Kuan (from It’s A Group Thing)
  22. Justin Wong
  23. + Kampungkai (Chris) (Jason Lioh’s friend)
  24. Karen Siah
  25. Kimberlycun
  26. Kurt Low
  27. Kyels (Kye Lee)
  28. Laynie (Elaine Chow)
  29. Lainie
  30. Lee Cheng
  31. + Leona (Elaine Chow’s friend)
  32. Mervyn
  33. Eyeris (Michael)
  34. Minishorts
  35. Paul Tan
  36. + Richard Goh (April’s boyfriend’s friend)
  37. + Ronald Li (April’s boyfriend)
  38. Sarah
  39. Slinky (Mun Hoong)
  40. Smallswong
  41. smashpOp (Jason Goh)
  42. Suanie
  43. Suet Li
  44. Tan Yee Hou
  45. The Other Kenny (Kenny Ho)
  46. Vincent
  47. Weng Lum
  48. Yee Pei
  49. Yvonne Foong

11 thoughts on “That Jump Gathering, Part 2

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    eyeris: Alright alright. Sheesh.

    Jayelle: Size 8 baby.

    Laynie: OMG! Edited already. No wonder he looked bengang when I bumped into him today.

    sarah: OMG first time you ever commented on my blog!

  2. Slinky Post author

    TINA !!! Hahahaha yes, and you spelt my name wrongly… How could you !

    And wow.. you actually came up with the list and most of all, linked ones!

    Keng chao!

  3. sarah Post author

    lol, i am a lazy commenter but rest assured i am reading/stalking.

    oooh thats the second time i’ve commented on yer blog, hahah :p


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