That Jump Gathering

So there was a blog gathering organized by Jolene, and while everybody took pictures, or sat around saying “I’ll steal your pictures later okay?“, I will offer something different other than shots of us at Dome at Midvalley, or jumping on the pedestrian bridge outside Secret Recipe (I suggested the location, yo!)

And so, I present various bloggers, in infrared. I didn’t snap everyone, though. I love infrared portraiture because there are no colors to muck around with, and very little Photoshop needs to be done, since infrared hides your pimples and blemishes and reduces the need to wear colored contacts to look funky.

Left to right, top to bottom:

  • Leech is first because I must thank her for her generous donation of a 16 Megabyte xD Picture Card for my Fujifilm Digital Q1 (I’ll blog about it, and the process of modifying it, later.)
  • Dustyhawk, Leech and I were at Killiney’s, as I wanted to try their hot milk tea and toast (or teh and roti bakar). Nothing compares to Uncle Lim’s still, but this is close.
  • Luzzio, Jolene’s brother.
  • Jasiminne, who uh… doesn’t look different in infrared.
  • Laynie looks like a clown.
  • Suanie eats April Yim‘s strawberry earring (because she can’t hook it on her infected ear, yo!)
  • The Other Kenny looks different in real life.
  • FireAngel is holding two extra fingers up. I think she’s lacking coordination due to general lack of alcohol.

Oh and let’s not forget Cheesie and Sweatlee. If either of you gets casted in a horror movie and gets an award on stage because you were spotted here, please remember to thank me.

Cheesie shows that unlike Korean ghosts who just scare people to death, she is multitalented and is able to play physical killer, too, strangling poor Jasiminne until she turns white.

Of course, nothing beats diligent Tan Yee Hou, who took pictures with almost everybody and listed who came and who didn’t. Yes, people, head over to his blog for the full list.

Regular pictures will come later. As for why nobody knew or publicized it, it was a secret gathering meant for non-PPS-celebrity, young bloggers who haven’t got jobs and cash to splurge on alcohol. I think. But thanks for recognizing me, people!

16 thoughts on “That Jump Gathering

  1. eyeris Post author

    no money to splurge on alcohol but got money to buy overpriced, sucky coffee at Dome that costs more than a mug of beer? 😀 😀 😀

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Matthew: Thanks!

    Cheesie: Well, I’ve have you know that I will "represent" the oppressed, the strangled, the black and white minority. 😉

    chengsim: Yes, I was in all of them.

    Laynie: I’ll get a Kate Beckinsale version when we go to the play. Ooh did you know that Bernard, who donated the camera that was then modded, was classmates with Ronald (April’s boyfriend), Richard and me?

    Serge: I meant, like the other people.

    eyeris: I didn’t order sucky coffee. 😀 (I prefer Coffee Bean’s coffee.) So we’re looking cool drinking expensive drinks… in daylight, as opposed to in the dark to thumping music.

    Kenny Lee: I’ll blog about it soon; in the meantime, click on the [Geek] category, scroll down a bit, and you’ll find many explanations on how to get infrared.

    cyber-red: I could’ve invited you, but knowing your past record… 😛

    Silencers: Well, we were allowed to invite one friend each. I don’t know the exact story as to how the celebrities knew about it.

  3. leech Post author

    hah, you’re welcomed to the 16mb xd card. =) and my eyes not big enough to really show off the scariness of infrared pics. 🙁

  4. smashpOp Post author

    lol i didnt take albert’s foto…

    albert didnt take my foto…

    i hav too many phtoos of albert in my pc…

    albert has too many photos of me in his pc…

    that is the why

  5. Slinky Post author

    Hahaha hey I’m astounded by that cool technique of yours actually. Did you just use ordinary 35mm colour film or B&W?

    Didn’t get to talk to you much but am glad to have met you in person, Albert!

  6. Albert Ng Post author

    Jason: *puts on cool voice* Thanks!

    Slinky: Ordinary 35mm color film, ISO100, overexposed and then developed, then placed in front of a digital camera’s lens.

    Kennysia: Behind the lens. 😀


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