Slow Jams

…and now, back to regular programming.

Pictures from Slow Jams, The Actors Studio Bangsar, 27th March 2006 follow.

Warren Chan starts the set with mellow tunes and falsetto of the highest order.

Azmyl Yunor brings up the tempo with some professional busking.

Tan Sei Hon is a certain shade of green, singing about love in the key of folk.

Jasemaine Gan sings confidently in the dark and represents the Chinese acoustic scene on this side of the English acoustic scene (she and other singer songwriters beat Daniel that Malaysian Idol 2 guy anytime.) Check out her trilingual songs, yo.

Jaz reads interesting poetry again.

Wei Jenn (I’m not sure of her name) the storyteller.

Broken Scar sounds more macho and full in The Actors Studio’s excellent sound system. Go buy his album, yo.

Reza Salleh crooning with the (unseen) girls swooning.

Jeremy featuring Kevin of Qings & Kueens and Izzy Mohd, his Plush Velvet bandmate. He did a cover of John Mayer’s cover of N*SYNC – Dirty Pop, some songs with that Dave Matthews-ish vibe but with a nasal intonation much like Brian Molko of Placebo. I asked him to cover Placebo, and he said, “hey yeah! I like Placebo!

Zalila Lee featuring the censored Jerral Khor.

Nicole the ever photogenic diva of Rhapsody.

Melina of Tempered Mental is joined by Reza on guitar, and Ywenna of Rhapsody on keyboards, with backup dancers Kevin, Alda and Nicole. Memorable sight indeed! It was also then that my batteries all ran out. 🙁

4 thoughts on “Slow Jams

  1. calv Post author

    jasemaine gan has a very unique voice. i was there in the studio when she recorded her album or demo last year. i believe she is yet to sing her heart out. i’m not sure how far she has improved from the first time i met her. but she’s a talent waiting to bloom.


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