N Now, N Seventy

Warning: Robosexual pr0n follows.

My new baby, who can fit in my pocket…

The Nokia N70.

From left: The Nokia 3315 was the first phone I bought with my own money; the Nokia 3350 was my second; the Nokia N70, third.

Opera on EDGE. No, I do not have 3G, being on DiGi… but it still beats being the poster girl for EDGE and GPRS and not having one’s phone set up for it. 😛 (I did set it up and now we can send MMS messages!)

Flanked by two Nokia 6680s and a Nokia 6280. I could’ve gotten the 6680, but imagine the wowness if I went up to those two and said, “Hey! I have the same phone as both of you! Now what?

The rear camera pumps out 1600×1200 (2 megapixels) with a shutter speed from 1/15 to 1/2000, ISO 64 to ISO 500, fixed aperture at F3.2 and focus on infinity. The front camera doesn’t record EXIF data and is fixed at F3.5. Note the flare, which showed as a green light. Pictures were only resized; not sharpened.

The infrared response is similiar to my Canon Powershot A520’s; 10 stops slower than normal.

There is always that flare-like stain. Perhaps I should clean my infrared filter.

And now, for a meme! You must do it if you have had more phones than I ever had. Here are my phones, in order:

  1. Nokia 1640 (March 2001 to perhaps April 2001) – passed on from my mother, the size of a current Nokia Communicator. I lost it in college. I was sitting cross-legged in the hall, waiting for class; we then found out that class was cancelled. I noticed that it was missing (curse those short-pocketed hip-hop-wannabe cargo pants) and returned to the scene, where I found the unopened white Mentos stick that was also in that pocket. Dammit, the Mentos would’ve been worth more! I went to the college office; somebody picked up in a noisy area. It was the numbers inside that was more important. And dammit, why’d my father have to misunderstand and terminate instead of suspend my number. It was a beautiful number, with much more catchiness than my current one.
  2. Nokia 2140 (perhaps April 2001 to May 2001) – passed on from my aunt who then passed it to my mother, the same size. Another classic brick phone, perfect for canine homicide.
  3. Siemens C30 (perhaps June 2001 to June 2002) – passed on from my father from a promotion. I discovered my Ah Beng roots (or maybe it was college.) I got myself a transparent casing to parade this in its red-lighted glory.
  4. Nokia 3315 (June 2002 to December 2002) – I bought this, picking it over the Nokia 3350. Silly choice.
  5. Nokia 3350 (December 2002 to April 2006) – This was technically superior, with 150 numbers phone memory, WAP and more keys. It was also the first Nokia to have disco lights that blink to the ringtone. If it had blue lights it would’ve been the first proper pre-modified Ah Beng phone. It had really slow Snake 2, too, even at its fastest difficulty.
  6. Nokia N70 (April 2006 to now) – scroll up for pr0n.

(And here ends the meme. See, I made it easy for you.)

I initially thought it was a more corporate phone, with its stylings on the serious brushed metal side. Nope, it was an all-rounder – it already had loads of applications on the Symbian Series 60 platform. Radio, music player, calendar, photo editor (with crop, brightness etc.), Opera browser, and all localized network operator settings already preinstalled. So yeah, I could already choose Diginet to connect to the Internet. I did not really have to install much more – I could even browse the phone and card memory using Nokia PC Suite via Bluetooth. Yep, a (dual voltage reduced-size multimedia card) card reader via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth was a hassle at the office computer, but at home it worked perfectly. Weird.

I also organized all my applications into folders, because it was fun.

The stereo headset was awesome. You know it’s good when you listen to music and discover little notes and sounds you’ve never heard in the song before. I copied Eric Johnson – A Song For Life into it, and the bright, sparkly notes flowed from left and right, like a waterfall, splashing in the center. Orgasmic!

Needless to say, I shall bring a tissue whenever I put these earphones on.

The first time I answered a phone call, I was awed by the stereoness of the human voice. It was coming from all directions! I was shy to answer the booming voice outside my head.

Cons? It was laggy. Starting up took 50 seconds or more. Applications took a while to load. The sliding lens cover at the back was loose, and if you held it by just the cover it felt like it would jump out of my hand.

And yes, it can be such a dastardly distraction, when I was waxing lyrical and obsessing over the phone in real life instead of paying attention to anything else.

12 thoughts on “N Now, N Seventy

  1. Jason Post author

    By the way, mine only took 30 seconds max to start up. Perhaps you need to patch the OS to at least version 3.XXX The latest version is version 5.XXX though. But version 3 is stable enough. There’s no version 4.

    As for the sliding lens cover, I have the same problem if I am not using the original casing. It tends to off the camera itself.

  2. Fird Post author

    Looks like you just got yourself another happy N70 user. Yeah the lag can be annoying sometimes, though.


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