Long Hair Can Do

And now, for something different. Albert talks about shampoo!

Ever since I dyed my hair blue, I was not to ever use regular shampoo; I was supposed to use color-lock shampoo.

And so, I bought Sunsilk’s color-lock shampoo, a red bottle of shampoo. What a sham. It wears your dye out faster than you can say ‘senile peacock‘.

It wasn’t until I was wandering around aimlessly in Jaya Jusco Kepong that I called Leech to ask what color-locking shampoo she used to keep her then wonderful purple streaks. She said Loreal. (The voice in my head said, “Because you’re worth it.“)

And so I went home, and upon opening it, I immediately smelled the difference – it was citrus-ish, and yet, strangely appetizing. I applied it to my hair. It seemed to just… absorb into my hair!

Even when washing it off, I could feel the difference. It was silky! It was smooth! It was coated… unlike the Sunsilk one, which just seemed to wash off hair oils, leaving my hair frizzy and unable to hold any position (e.g. tucked.) Plus, after washing off the Sunsilk shampoo, I could see the suds on the bathroom floor stealing my hair color. 🙁

And oh, the smell! As long as they make shampoo smell this good, I will never get to have dreadlocks. (My original plan was to dye my hair, then grow it long and make a mess out of it, getting natural dreadlocks, then going bald.)

The best thing about the shampoo, however, is its fragrance – I just came back from drenching my hair in cigarette smoke at the-now-paying Twilight Action Girl at Zouk, and it managed to get rid of the smell! I usually take two washes to stop smelling like an ashtray.

If you think I’ve gotten a newfound girly fetish with hair, well it is not the shampoo models I covet. My inspiration for my style, long and straight comes from these macho rock bands:

Left: A screen capture of Extreme – More Than Words, featuring vocalist Gary Cherone and guitarist Nuno Bettencourt in a tender ballad, an escape from their funk metal tendencies. Don’t listen to Frankie J‘s version; he made it too much of a vocal showoff, losing the tender acoustic vulnerability of the original. Plus his vocal histrionics made it sound damn gh3y.

Right: A screen capture of Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge, featuring vocalist Anthony Kiedis in this confessional ballad about losing a guitarist to hard drugs, an escape from funk rap rock. All Saints did a good cover of it; they didn’t overdo the vocal histrionics.

Yeah, I think you can see what I’m getting at – strong features with past-shoulder-length hair. I knew my hair was long when I could tuck it under my shoulders.

Yeah yeah so Anthony didn’t dye his hair then; he left the hair-coloring to Flea, who probably never had the same hair color in consecutive music videos! But Flea is blonde, and bleaching his hair would turn it white, so he could have proper blue (like in the By The Way video.)

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  1. Hanna Post author

    oh noo pay for TAG?

    oh no oh no oh no! ruined are my plans!

    do they actually have Loreal for coloured hair for men shampoo?


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