Cutting (Glass) Edge

To fix the short-sightedness of my infrared-cut-filter-removed Fujifilm Digital Q1, I needed to place a similiarly sized glass in front of the CMOS sensor, where the infrared cut filter once was.

The closest I could get was this; while it was a tad over 1mm, I could salvage this to make a 9x9x1 mm sized glass piece. Yes, I bought it just for this purpose at SnJ, Avenue K. The other piece of glass could be used for stop-motion photography from under the glass. 😀

I also bought safety goggles and gloves.

…and a tungsten carbide-tipped glass cutter.

I marked the line to be cut with cellophane tape, using the original infrared cut filter to measure. I then scored across the line repeatedly with the glass cutter, so I could easily snap it.

…whoops. I guess I didn’t score it enough.

Never fear! I then used one of the shards, cut it twice, and managed to get close to the size.

And here it is, before reassembly.

The result? Landscape still is out of focus, and its macro is not focused either. 🙁 I’ll just wait for Fazri to find that glass shop.

11 thoughts on “Cutting (Glass) Edge

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Jenifer: Aren’t lenses made of glass? Are yours made out of plastic? 😛

    Crash: Yup, got it at Ace Hardware Midvalley. I think it’s better you locate a glass shop, whereever the heck that is.

  2. Grace Post author

    Albert!! hahah hello 🙂 eh i got the same safety goggles too! *whee* so does your cam work now or is it still blurry and all? i wanted to do the same to my cam but i’m terrified of butchering it beyond repair 🙁 you’re brave *pats albert on the back* hey btw, the infrared lens you’re using isit the Hoya R72? hmms i heard that one works well with Nikon DSLRs ..must hijack someone’s *hehe*


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