Girl(s) At The Rock Show

What: Rock Chic’s Night Out, ‘A Celebration of Rock Ladies’, a rock gig featuring female performers
Who: Tempered Mental, Candy, Plush, Blunt, Applecreed, Rhapsody
When: 8pm onwards, 12th May 2006
Where: Jamasia, Desa Sri Hartamas
How Much: RM20 with a free beer or soft drink (for guys) and free for girls

Yes I am going. 😀

6 thoughts on “Girl(s) At The Rock Show

  1. jack0 Post author

    u know.. that place is like.. next to me office(200m)… 😀

    Rock Chic ehy.. hope them chic are not too hard to crack.. keke..
    lame joke.. i know..

    RM20 0.o looks like payback time.. so i’ll see u there?

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Ray: Yes very much so. I’ve blogged about Rhapsody many times. Plush used to be known as Ground Xero.

    jack0: Coolness! See you there then.


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