My Own Worst Fumble

I was deleting some ‘appropriate’ guestbook entries the superhack SQL way, when I accidentally deleted all my posts!

Joey the Crazycoder and Paul of 012 Spurious would be laughing at me now. DJCS, would you know how to save my MDB predicament? I’m sorry to all the frequent visitors, especially the posters like Brickchick, yunnermeier, Dide, Caryna, PY
, DJ Phuturecybersonique, Lionel, Yi Jian and Zebra.

Brickchick, I’m feeling almost the same pain that Greymatter’s reinstallation gave you. This bites, man. Like how I felt when I lost my old handphone and most importantly the numbers on it. All those newly acquired numbers of the opposite sex! 🙁

Don’t panic. Fine, I didn’t. Luckily I had an ancient mirror of the site, which had my posts until the 18th of August 2002. About 2 and a half months from the point of writing this gone!

God bless Google’s cache, which had my blog… until the 28th of August 2002. Sigh. When I was trying to restore whatever posts I could find, I wished Google wasn’t crawling my site at that moment (but if it crawled it 2 days ago it wouldn’t be so bad!)

I already was having a bad day. Dang.

I lost a lot of classics, like the one about MUTLIMEDIA and the one about StickyPics. Ultimately, my greatest loss would be The Dot Masterplan. Long, looong ones. Hopefully my house PC has something in its cache. Hopefully I can still find my source text files.

I posted a lot of filler for comments, too. The guestbook’s out of order, too! 🙁

How can you help?

If you’ve been to my site before, don’t check the older posts yet. Please please help me restore my entries! (Desperate plea, I know…)


In Internet Explorer, click File then choose Work Offline. Click on my older posts link down there. If Internet Explorer asks you to connect, nevermind – your computer can’t help me. If not, wait for the page to load. Click View then Source. Notepad should open. Copy the whole text into an email and send it to me! Thank you sooo much. I don’t know what I could bribe whoever helps me out, but rest assured I will assure a fine reward. =]

Double the reward would be given if you can get the page older than that and send it to me, too! =]

2 thoughts on “My Own Worst Fumble

  1. dJcs Post author

    i’ve already helped you out a bit with the google cache, some tools on the web and also a technet article. i, too, would like to have a laugh. so with your permission… HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA! BWAAAHAHAHAAHHAAAAA!


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