Rebel and Live Again!

Immune to your tune, I commune;
Despite your respite I invite;
Your crooned balloon blewn, popped too soon;
My sight tight, I fight for my plight.

Anyway, I’ve restored all my old guestbook entries as well as my blog entries. I wish I could salvage the comments too, but I failed. Sorry. 🙁

Thanks to the following for helping me with their caches:
Evan (who does not wish to be linked), Cara, Nina, Caryna and Paul.
PY, although she visits really often, has a screwed up cache and had quite old archives! For that, I had to be extra thankful. Gratitude has been justly promised in a free lunch. That’ll teach all of you who didn’t help me to! (Besides, I just got my salary.) 😛

For the finishing touches, I used Google. This is my make-or-break search engine – if I cannot find something with it in the first page, I would give up. The best part of it is that it kept cached versions of pages it visits, so I referred to those!

A strange discrepancy occurred, though – Yesterday when the accident happened, the caches had my site until the end of August. Today when I checked, it had till the start of October! That must mean that the cache was updated yesterday, right? Nope. If it did do so yesterday, it would have more than just the start of October!

I even went so far as to download the database and attempt to open it in Internet Explorer. (Extension change.) I got a lot of interesting text in between delimiting fields. Stuff relating to flooding, chemistry, politics, spam, and even a Malay quote! I hadn’t encountered the text in any of my database tables, much less delete it, so I wonder where it came from. Maybe Brinkster, my current website host, had a faulty database driver? I searched the Malay quote in Google but got only one proper hit, and get this – the site was on Geocities and was a HTML file! That is scary.

Now for that person who posted not-so-sweet-and-cheery things in my website: I know who you are. Your “English” style is very distinct, and I know where you were referred from. If you don’t believe me, email me and I’ll furnish you with details on how I found out.

5 thoughts on “Rebel and Live Again!

  1. PY Post author

    Whoa, you hav a nasty hater? that’s a first! Wish I know who’s that. I’ll banish him.her off the face of the earth!

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