Troubadours This May

And now, for a trip down Changkat Bukit Bintang, for the Troubadours gig at La Bodega KL on the 7th of May 2006. This marks the first time I use slow shutter speeds with flash (instead of the default 1/60 seconds) at this venue, always getting frustrated otherwise. (Jamasia has colored lighting, so it’s not so bad.)

They started with the open-mikers first, like Jay, the guy I once said sounded like Billy Corgan singing Kurt Cobain, which I missed. Why? I went to pee at the male toilet upstairs, and couldn’t unlock the door! A guy climbed in from a panel above to break open the handle and unscrew the bolt, but that didn’t work either, until he used the handle to open it again. I came out to some cheers. The guy who was stuck in the toilet!

I came out in time for Khai-Lee who might’ve found it a bit dark to find the guitar frets. 😛

I think this dude was Imam Piko (thanks Mung for the correction!) He received roaring applause. The best display of shared sarcasm. 😀

I think these dudes were Chi Too and Hon Mun on the right. (And yay he can sing.)

I think his name was Amin Hakim (Freedom Film Fest 2005 award-winning filmmaker for Romantik ISA, thanks Mung again!), and he sang bluesy love songs to Azmyl Yunor. (Though I think there are better excuses to get free entry to his gigs. :P)

Mekarnya Satu Matian read some poems, and some could sniff his rapperness from a mile meter away.

Estrella, oh how pretty and sweet voices they had to jazzy beats.

A haw-haw-hawt chick makes up one third of Oddstars.

Alang of alternative-ish grunge unit Men Under Zero Effort is the other third.

Headliner Broken Scar, featuring Zalila Lee on percussion, Jerral Khor on guitar, Kevin on guitar and vocals, and Alda on bass. Subject to change; parts may vary.

Besides singing soundtracks for documentaries that were recently banned despite approval, Zalila also supplies beats.

Justin Wong is recognizable with his black Suzuki acoustic guitar.

Shock System had the white political rap sound. Great guitar riffs and song dynamics. I thought they’d sound like Rage Against The Machine on electric.

Zalila and Jerral back Nicole of Rhapsody for an Alanis Morissette cover. Gig old-timer Peter Hassan Brown then joins for the cover of Time After Time.

Azmyl Yunor takes the after-headliner open mike slot because nobody else wants to play.

These church guys are fantastic, (plus they got stage performing stool persona) and they’re later joined by who I assume is a church girl.

Damn my memory, must be all those drinks people ask my assistance to finish.

6 thoughts on “Troubadours This May

  1. ray Post author

    whoah… the girl is haw haw hawt indeed! got other views of her.. hur hur hur

    i like how you captured the emotions of the performers… coolsss

  2. mung Post author

    the weird guy with beard and cap with electric gitar in the 2nd photo is Piko (not Imam) while the long haired bearded fellow who sang love songs to Azmyl is Hakim, Freedom Film Fest 2005 award-winning filmmaker (Romantik ISA)

  3. Jerral Khor Post author

    Hey man… the Chinese duo after Piko, the fella on the right is Hon Mun 🙂



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