Raid I

Since you guys enjoy looking at various parts of my body, I shall enthrall you with another shrunken picture.

If you can’t read the text on the image, it says, “My camera’s red eye reduction is not working.

I’m being emo, with the realization of it all, but find no time to blog about it, rambling otherwise over random chords which will be forgotten. Electrical energy from the brain triggers chemical energy translated into kinetic energy, and then to heat energy and sound energy on guitar strings, and…

Whoa, where does the sound go? Does it heat the walls?

Oh, speaking of questions, I watched the fictional Da Vinci Code movie. I quite forgot who was who and who worked for who and who was whoever’s master on the Opus Dei or Priory Of Scion. However, I did Google The Last Supper, and hey… that’s not supposed to be Mary Magdalene; it’s supposedly John. If Mary was there, wouldn’t there be 14 people in total, instead of 13? (Jesus, 12 disciples including Judas, and Mary.) Quite annoying was the super big apertures used, like in the scene where Professor Langdon gets in the elevator, and the camera is rolling its manual focus in and out all over the place. It was as if the scene was created just to show that effect!

I reckon they might’ve gotten some F1.2 lenses to play with. 😮 The extreme macro effect was apparent when Sophie was about to be ambushed by the baddie lurking in the background, even more blurred out than in any other movie. Understandably, the moviemakers probably were not allowed to install lamps all over, so they had to use extra big apertures to shoot in natural light. (I’m just guessing here.) Despite that, the faces were rarely completely, sharply focused.

Which runs back to me being emo. Do you want to know the truth, or continue living the happy lie?

But enough of that! I hereby announce the all-new Guess The Trashcan series. Guess where this trashcan was from! The first person to answer correctly will be pimped in my next blog entry. I promise at least one paragraph.

Here’s an easy one.

10 thoughts on “Raid I

  1. Hanna Post author

    the sound enerngy are waves that goes into your ears where it translates back into mechanical energy to ur eardrums!

  2. cheneille Post author

    i thought red eye reduction function was supposed to work on the pupils, not the whites??

    buat per nak emo emo, go drink or something!

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    cheneille: I know that, it’s supposed to be satirical. (It actually works somewhat, on the whites, with flash on!)

    Don’t you emo emo on your blog? 😛 Alcohol is avoidance, distraction and denial.

    cyber-red: Too much staring at cyber-red makes my eyes red.

    Hanna: Ah! What if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it? Perhaps potential energy is where energy really starts and ends.

  4. stim-girl Post author

    hahha.. dammit, i came here late.., if not, i also immediately knew it was midvalley. hehehe..

  5. Chapree Da Grande Post author

    I think you a little bit confused. The basic theory behind Last Supper in Da Vinci Code is that the particular figure traditionally recognised as John are actually Mary Magdalene. You point one thing that never been said in the book. If that’s not John, where is him in Last Supper? It could make the book a bit thicker if Dan Brown realised about this LOL.

    Btw, i’m guessing the trashcan were at Mid Valley as well. Trashcan at Suria KLCC are full aluminium if i’m not mistaken :p


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