Tong Shin Walk

Once, I walked with smashpOp to Tong Shin Hospital, from Central Market, so we uh… took pictures.

Guess where, or what, this is.



Palm of the hill?

Gone fishing.

The plant tries to reach out.

For some reason, I imagine The Four Horsemen. (Used crossed polarizers for this effect.)

The hum of aircon matches the chatter of the dramas.


One could stand at a junction all day and take panning shots, in the evening that is.

Walking along the fence.

Oh, and Flyz wins the Guess That Trashcan part 3, guessing Subang Parade before everyone else. I can’t really say much about someone I don’t know but he’s cool because he supports the local singer-songwriter scene.

5 thoughts on “Tong Shin Walk

  1. chengsim Post author

    wah lau eh. take pictures? nothing else to do ar? like makan ice cream while walking ke? (you get to eat and lose weight in the same time) or you guys can cuci mata on some street chics (staring won’t hurt right?). then again, who am i to comment when im not an avid photographer myself.

    p/s: it doesn’t look like stairs to me. more like papers folded into many many layer.

  2. crash gone bloghoppin' Post author

    gone fishin’ is the coolest tho..

    oh, ure under the LRT@monorail tracks.


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