Pavilion Monday

16th June 2014: I was down in Pavilion for the KL Fashion Week 2014. Spot the minister!

No seriously, I was there to check out TDH Project (it was Monday.)

Got there a bit early, and had myself a pork burger. Also ordered peppermint tea.

They got back to me, saying peppermint tea was out, so I ordered lime juice instead.

They got back to me, saying lime juice was out, so I ordered orange juice instead.

The show started about 10pm.

Clinton Liew on keys! Amazingly talented musician.

Dean Sim, who has one heck of a killer guitar tone and licks with feel.

I don’t know this bassist.

I don’t know this vocalist, either.

I know this drummer though, Jared Cheow.

Before the show, a waiter asked if I’d like another drink, to which I said no.

I was asked again, later. During the show, I was also asked if I’d like a beer, that I’d need to buy a drink to stay for the show.

Whether this business practice helps with staying afloat, I don’t know, because I felt like leaving and not returning to Tom Dick Harry’s Pavilion, out of principle. Understandably, the restaurant may do this as rental is high – but does rental need to be that high, even if you take into account location? Everything is inflated. We’re in a property bubble. You can earn more than 80% of Malaysian households and yet not afford property (because they either only sell low-cost or high-end.)

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