Five Ways In Mezze

20th June 2014: Five Ways, at Mezze Wine Bar & Bistro, Medan Damansara!

Here’s the band.

Jerry Ventura of The Falcons fame.

Richard Gomis of Freedom.

Jimie Loh of The Alleycats.

Edwin Nathaniel of Aseana Percussion Unit.

Boy King of progressive rock band Ash Wednesday.

Together, they play the dirty-funkin’ and hard-rockin’ music of the 60s onwards.

This Yamaha and its strings are beautiful! They started with a request – The Shadows – Apache.


Richard, surrounded by keys and knobs.

Jerry is a multi-instrumentalist. Here he is with one of many percussive instruments!

Tamborine man. I discovered Uriah Heep – July Morning through them covering it. I love songs with such epic riffs!

The stage upstairs is a wee bit small, and the audience can also sit to the side of the stage.

They funked into James Brown – Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag.

Uncle Jimie being cheeky!

Odd that I’d call him uncle, given I’m an uncle myself (which probably explains why I went to go listen to uncle music.)

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