Fete De La Musique 2006

It’s that time of the year again, for the big, chaotic walkabout gig that is known as the Fete De La Musique!

As always, I’m going, to catch some musical acts while bumping into people from the scene. (It’s not so much about the acts, really, because the Fete has always been chaotic, with timetables being shuffled around, performers coming to empty stages with no sound systems, etc.)

This year around, it’s not around Bintang Walk.

What: Fete De La Musique 2006 (at Alliance Francaise)
Who: Heaps of bands; opera, heavy metal, jazz, acoustic, African reggae; Y2K, Xcited Screamers, Triple6Poser, Sei Hon, Broken Scar, Dragon Red, Imam, Peter Brown, 2 Sides Of The Story, Brainhead, Troubagangers, Ning Baizura, etc.
Where: The Alliance Francaise, 15, Jalan Gurney, left off Jalan Semarak which is left off Jalan Tun Razak (coming from the North)
How much: Free again; just stand around.
When: 11am to 11pm, 17th June 2006

I hear that there may be uh… samplings of liquified fermented fruits and plants of the fine variety, but don’t get your hopes up.


What: Fete De La Musique 2006 (at Bangsar)
Who: Heaps of bands; Vespertine, Frequency Cannon, One Buck Short, Soft Touch
Where: Jalan Telawi, Bangsar and The Outback, Bangsar
How much: Free! Just stand around.
When: 5pm to midnight, 17th June 2006

I’ll be at the Alliance Francaise first, and hitch a ride with whoever’s up for hopping over to Bangsar.

I also blogged about the previous events:
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(I don’t think I blogged about Fete De La Musique 2003)

Portions of this blog entry have been shamelessly ripped off the Lemang newsletter.

Edit: Khai uploaded this very informative flyer.

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