Motorshow Pictures Part 1

So I went to the KL International Motorshow 2006 at Putra World Trade Center, and as usual I took loads of pictures.

Clockwise from top-left:

  • Big truck.
  • Big truck, convertible edition.
  • Where’s the flux capacitor?
  • Peter Tan would love this.
  • A convertible with no doors.

Clockwise from top-left:

  • Perodua MyVi is psychedelicky.
  • Toyota Supra Leopard.
  • Chery QQ from China.
  • Mahindra 4WDs from India.
  • Smashed up Proton Savvy from Malaysia.
  • Perodua Xx.

Clockwise from top-left:

  • Lotus with funky triangles.
  • Android-looking, this convertible.
  • Nissan (gotta love taking white cars; faster exposure means clearer pictures.)
  • New Volkswagen Beetle is spoiled by a spoiler (yep, there were car show-worthy cars in the parking lot too.)
  • A concept car, driven by a concept cyborg.
  • The back of the Lotus.

Clockwise from top-left:

  • Want a light?
  • A truck engine.
  • OSIM chairs; when will they make a car-installable version?
  • KJ the clown cowboy has his own wheels too.
  • Spin the man!

Clockwise from top-left:

  • The Lotus Exige is the closest I could get to seeing anything that looked remotely like a Ford GT.
  • Perodua in pink.
  • Mazda MX-5 in black.
  • A huge 4WD.
  • A huge luxury executive car.

And now, for the luxury cars.

Man, if this came in white, I’d drive it while wearing a storm trooper suit.

Lamborghini Gallardo.

This looks like something Maskman or those Japanese masked superhero shows would ride.

Dig the Ducati…

…and the mini Modenas.

Ford has seriously chunky SUVs…

…that are still able to retain sexiness.

I was really looking forward to seeing a lot more variation; I hoped to see American muscle cars, like the Ford Mustang GT, but found none. 🙁 Also, a Toyota Scion xB (a hugely popular modded pimping vehicle in the US) would be nice. They didn’t have Subaru; how odd, since Imprezas were quite staple car show material. Or maybe I just wanted to see the Transformer Alternators that I had in real life.

7 thoughts on “Motorshow Pictures Part 1

  1. Matthew Post author

    All i want for my Christmas is a Gallardo, or an Exige…all i want for christmas is my 2 sport cars, my 2 sport cars…you listening, Albert?

  2. KY Post author

    Basically most of the muscle cars were missing, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamboghini, all not participating..

  3. tina Post author

    my best friend was one of them girls at the show.. was looking out for her.. dun have one… =(


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