I Can Hear Your Reply…

Hey you. I’ve been busy not blogging, having progress tests going on throughout the week. Where’s everybody? Why isn’t anybody replying any of my posts? Are they not interesting enough? Do they not spark a certain commentative element in you? 😉

Anyway, I’ve been tinkering around with some fancy code that will let me know when I get a blog comment or Guestbook entry. How? By SMS! I also get an email of the comment. I can then dial in to my mobile phone network and have it read aloud the email! (Yep, it’s advanced enough to have a text-to-voice converter!)

Oh, before you leave, have some quotable Quotes!

Honest to goodness lecherousness:
“I’m not into nature, but I like the birds and the bees.”

In response to my lazy attitude with my scholarship:
“Why pay attention when you don’t pay anything?”

On rock boybands (though I have nothing against them):
“The copy may look better than the original.”

Finally, a call to all – indulge! Don’t resist!
“Entertain the thought that entertains you.”

I love the last quote. It’s like a chocolate ad or something, but it was actually inspired by me wasting money on a informational platter that had only its cover working. I did feel guilty for buying it, and I threw it away just yesterday. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I Can Hear Your Reply…

  1. CaryNa da bOmbdefusah Post author

    oOH, is this like yer first post that you’re receiving via SMS? if it is, yay and if isn’t…ermm, whatever…=�
    Again, i have to oppose with yer last quote…;)


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