Bachelor Under Reproductive Pressure Sonnet

Bachelor Under Reproductive Pressure (burp.gif, 1894 bytes)

Isolation has caused desperation
Peer pressure to lure her ever so pure
Action? Hesitation, for rejection
Failure to steer nearer for feared torture
Age is no cage to engage the last stage
To stick the prick or at least get it licked
Is hard, so find a sage or pay a wage
Sick fics and pics but helps onanistic
The tease of birds and bees sleaze makes one seize
The slide’s sides won’t collide, it’s a smooth ride
Released in peace, the greased beast pleased and ceased
One’s pride so wide once gratified inside
A moniker like Bachelor Under
Reproductive Pressure, BURP I prefer

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  1. phi_b Post author

    hey, tat’s plagiarism! u have to pay me royalty for using my self-created term!!! wakakakaka!!!


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