Comic Trash

When you need a fix of the zany and absurd, read Cyanide And Happiness! Such genius, such comic expression in such a simple drawing of a face! I suggest you click on their First strip, then keep clicking Next, because their earlier works were more consistent.

There’s even one with a Rubik’s Cube (though it is technically wrong because there are only 6 colors on a cube, not 7.) They even have more cowbell!

There’s amazing artwork in the Perry Bible Fellowship as well. Way more bizarre than Bizarro.

And now, for the sixth trashcan in the Guess That Trashcan series!

As usual, first correct answer gets a free pimping.

27 thoughts on “Comic Trash

  1. tina Post author

    woahhh.. syakir.. fifth floor in times sqaure also you know??? damn precise wei!

    What happened to One Utama, Albert? You havent pimped ANY of their trash cans yet..

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    lionel: Yeah I read that, but sometimes it becomes TOO absurd.

    Ray and Hanna: Yes I’m going for Moonshine. Wanna meet my wife?

    Note that I only choose unique trashcans, unique to the place. Nobody has a correct answer yet!

  3. smashpOp Post author

    strong wind blowing to my face
    feeling cold i sneeze n sneeze
    air is cool and there’s no haze
    where in m’sia do u get cold breeze?

  4. Shaz Post author

    Hey, i think its at AMPANG PARK that shopping mall??? How… how.. i think it is..!!! went there last tiem for Cozy Restaurant!

    Answer AMPANG PARK Shopping mall trash can … ermmm ermmm
    dunno whats the name of the mall

  5. shelley l Post author

    Man, this is a freaking unique and dirty trashcan.

    My guess is that it is in a government department of some sort… to do IC/license/passport.


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