Taking The STAR

Personally, I never tire of taking the LRT, depending on where I’m going, because there are always females of varying attractiveness at varying times and varying locations.

But hey, if you’re bored… use the STAR LRT’s inertia and metal seats to slide slowly towards a subject.

…wait for the prey to be distracted…

…then pick up your camera like it was your funky new phone with long zoom.

P.S. I know I owe a bucketload of people a bucketload of pictures, so hold your bucketload of horses as I haven’t had the time to reply your bucketload of emails.

9 thoughts on “Taking The STAR

  1. Grace Post author

    I shall not add to your bucket load of emails by requesting the bucketload of photos we took at laundry the other day.. instead, i shall discreetly hint that i am still waiting for the photos on your message space so.. *HINT HINT* hehe 🙂

  2. ChengSim Post author

    so cute lah.
    die lah. if i tell means, Brandon don’t want you edi liao.
    can i have Brandon?

  3. Kyels Post author

    I think most females do that when they are bored, no?

    But perhaps the new phone (new era) would be with a long zoom!


  4. Waifon Post author

    hey Albert~ nice meeting you again the other day 😀 I take random shots on the LRT too but then again, with my phone la. Big ass camera, too obvious. Damn paiseh. It’s like snapping pictures of your food in a restaurant when the whole world is staring at your weird antics, and the chef most probably thinks that you are trying to copy their menu or sth. Yeah, obvious, paiseh and weird that way..haha..

  5. coffee Post author

    I’d been wondering how much courage do people take these days in capturing photos in an LRT with people staring at you. It must have been tremendous.


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