Xplore ‘er And Sing Song

And now, for more delayed pictures from March 2006. Presenting the Xfresh Xplorer, our very own luxury transforming bus!

The Xfresh Street Surfers went to schools, colleges and universities with the bus.

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • On the inside.
  • Everyone wants to get in and be in.
  • Everything and the kitchen sink.
  • Crib, y’all.
  • Broken Scar shows us where we can hide our stash.
  • Waiting for something. (Note the sound console in the background.)

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • On the roof; one has to climb through a manhole.
  • Rails set up, mikes grounded.
  • There’s also a Playstation 2 with wireless controller and plasma TV!
  • In order to get in, you gotta play games.

Top: Panning shots of Farahwahida and one half of Mass Raw superimposed; left: Doul; right: the Xfresh Xplorer, fully transformed, complete with yellow curtain and emcees on the deck.

We now teleport to May 2006, the Xfresh photoshoot. Picture may be strangely familiar.

Men fret though about the stability of their cameras.

Note the happy couple. 😀

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • A 3D Mark-like scene, with overexposed leaves.
  • Same concept, on the floor, ala Unreal Tournament 2004.
  • Containers ala Counter-Strike.
  • Uh… cute antenna.

Run for the picture!

Trigger snappy.

Alright, show’s over.

On a side note, and to prove that my backdated blog entry has some relevance, the Xfresh Xplorer will be coming to Cineleisure Damansara!

What: MYSO Jam Fest
When: 5pm to 7pm, 13th to 16th July 2006
Where: Main entrance, Cineleisure Damansara
Who: Performances from Samir, Liang, MIX, Lips, C.Loco, Premelodic, Estranged, Broken Scar, Shazzy and Doul!
How much: Free; how would we charge you anyway?


There’s also the KL Sing Song 2006 at KLPAC.

What: KL Sing Song 2006 – Performance 1
When: 8:30pm, 14th July 2006
Where: Pentas Dua, KLPAC
Who: Mia Palencia, Shelley Leong, Reza Salleh, Ariff Akhir, Pak Pandir, Fathulistiwa Soundscapes
How much: Adult RM25, Student, Elderly & Disabled (limited to 50 seats) RM15.

What: KL Sing Song 2006 – Workshops 1, 2, 3 & 4
When: 1pm to 5:30pm, 15th July 2006
Where: Indicene, KLPAC
Who: Shelley Leong – “Singing With Style”
Shelley Leong and guitarist Az Samad share useful handy tips on performing with panache
Pak Pandir – “Lyrics & Creativity”
Pak Pandir talks about how to explore your environment through lyrics
Shanon Shah – “Make It Live”
Shanon Shah shares his experiences onstage and what it takes to be a live performer
Pete Teo – “The Indie Path”
Pete Teo talks about how to build a music career as a solo independent performer
How much: RM20

What: KL Sing Song 2006 – Performance 2
When 8:30pm, 15th July 2006
Where: Pentas Dua, KLPAC
Who: Pete Teo, Shanon Shah, Mei Chern, Meor, Broken Scar, Rhapsody
How much: Adult RM25, Student, Elderly & Disabled (limited to 50 seats) RM15.

More details here!

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