Why Matrix-i?

“Sir, would you like to apply for a credit card?”
“No thanks, I do not wish to be caught in the evil trappings of credit cards.” (I actually said that. Without looking at the guy, of course.)

“So… how many credit cards do you have?”
“Er… none, why?”
“Wah, you so rich ah?”

I’ve always paid cash upfront for everything before this.

It wasn’t until YK told me how he got his Visa Electron, that I decided to get myself one. No, not a credit card; a debit card which could be used at most credit card terminals. So I’d head over to a Public Bank one of these days.

It was the beginning of the month, and I was depositing some cash in my savings account in Bank Simpanan Nasional. As I walked out, I saw a banner advertising their Matrix-i card. I quickly turned back and applied for one there itself.

Why BSN?

There is no kiasu queue of annoying, annoyed aunties and uncles. The tellers are polite, friendly Malay ladies in tudungs. Heck, they are forgiving to newbies! (Probably because they don’t have the annoyed crowd.) I would not have to line up behind an impatient businessman. Everything is relaxed. They have a numbered ticket machine (in some places.) They aren’t Maybank.

There was no hassle filling up the form, with an upfront payment of RM50. (Of which RM8 went to making the card?) Two weeks later, it was ready.

On a side note, when I was a kid, I wanted to be an inventor. I used to draw all sorts of contraptions. I found these inspiring links:

The MAKE Blog

What to do with your old computer
Nintendo controller phone
Cap-on macro using binocular lens

If I had space in my room, I’d do this:
Golf Ball Pool Table

7 thoughts on “Why Matrix-i?

  1. KY Post author

    just the other day i wasted 15 mins of my time listening to a citibank credit card rep. at the end she wanted my phone number, i told her to write a random 012+7 digits.

  2. Chapree Da Grande Post author

    Recently Ambank churned out a new prepaid Mastercard. Many 7-11 have the starter pack alrdy. Soon, eberibadi will have Mastercard. *LOL*

    I want to do the Nintendo phone…too bad my 3310 gonecase alrdy 🙁

  3. t h i a ^^ Post author

    shites. i didnt know such polite Malaysian services existed. i’m a Maybank-er. n i especially hate the fact that the queues at Maybank ATM machines are always god-forbiddingly long.

    so. BSN, huh. 🙂


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