Jumble In The (Concrete) Jungle

For those of you impatient to read about KL Sing Song 2006, click here to read the article I wrote for Xfresh. Then there are pictures by Jasiminne.

Oh yeah, I forgot; the only reason why I wanted a dedit card was so I could reserve tickets at The Actors’ Studio and KL Performing Arts Centre. 🙁

Oh, and maybe get a 2x2x2 Rubik’s Cube. However, that’s the only one that’s out of stock at Rubik’s official website! Argh. I already have every other cube!

And now, for some random takes on movies:

Pirates Of The Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest
The monsters were… poppier than the first. Halfway through the movie they become a lot less gross-looking and more of a spot-the-sea-creature game. I’m keeping my beard for a bit and it’s messier than before. ARRR! I wanna be a pirate.

Fast And The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift
Not supposed to make sense, but cool nevertheless. I wish they’d allow Ford Mustangs here. Too damn loud, they say.

Now this would be classic – spot the cultural references! For example, the organic fuel provider was Filmore, and he blasted Jimi Hendrix – Star Spangled Banner. Jimi also performed a few times at Filmore East. They even yelled Freebird! 😀 (Which has some relevance, being a tribute song to NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt…) (More details on Wikipedia.)

I also don’t remember the last time watching a 3D CGI movie made me feel as fulfilled in a magical way like Toy Story did. None of the obscene current cultural references like Shark Tale.

And now, for McDonald’s:

Spicy Beef Foldover
Quite a bit of cheese, tasting much like a pizza. A lot more salad and less sauce. And yeah, I have no beef with it. I mean, there’s very little beef in it. Nice, but don’t go for it if you have a beef craving.

Grilled Chicken Foldover (new recipe)
How could they? They removed most of the sauce, and added a lot more salad to make it as healthy as the Spicy Beef Foldover. Thankfully, there are still two chicken patties, but the one I had, sadly, had a foldover malfunction – one of the patties slid down (probably due to the salad’s lack of grip on the chicken.)

And now, for random pictures:

New meaning to window jam.

Here’s how you can indent/emboss a balloon:

  1. Blow up the balloon and tie its end.
  2. Draw on outside of balloon using marker pen.
  3. Deflate balloon (the marker ink will now appear to ’emboss’ the balloon.)
  4. Stick a finger through its top, to turn it inside out.
  5. Blow it just a little bit and you get this!

A mosquito decides to take a sweet dip in my Teh Tarik.

Moths read blogs, too.

Fight like a butterfly, sting like a bee, stone like a moth.

Prepare for take-off…

It seems to be inspecting itself.

2 thoughts on “Jumble In The (Concrete) Jungle

  1. ChengSim Post author

    i once had that freaking thing in my room, i have to dragged my bro at midnight to chase it out from my room. i love my bro.

    spicy beef foldover. true. less beef. im a beef person and i personally don’t enjoy them. Burger King has triple-licious burger. as in, you can have an extra patty in your burger for 99 cents each.

    i wish KLPac has online booking. kan senang?


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