Guess That Curve

And now, for a different spin on things – Guess That Trashcan Curve! Once again, the first person to guess correctly will get one most complimenting paragraph on my blog. All three answers must be correct.

This should be a major hint; what is this? I have one. I know how to play it, too.

Where is this?

Where is this? Name a nearby landmark.

Don’t worry people, I still have more trashcans to guess. I just don’t want my winners to always be rhyming with “left” or “curve”.

14 thoughts on “Guess That Curve

  1. Lex Post author

    hmm first 2 easy what…
    guitar, klpac, and that is I dunno ler.. but damn familiar.. wild guess: pasar seni

  2. Broken Scar Post author

    1. Acoustic guitar
    2. KLPac
    3. Looks like an lrt station, but I have no idea where it is.

    Two out of three as opposed to none, i think it’s fine.

  3. Jack Post author

    1) Guitar

    2) KL PAC, Sentul Park

    3) PUTRA LRT – Terminal PUTRA. Landmark arr, ermm..Kelana Jaya?

  4. sonia Post author

    Yay… Finally can guess one~ (lol)..
    Guitar; duno; and KLANG BUS STATION!

    Isit the Pasar Seni station (landmark klang bus station / central market)? =P


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