20 And Counting

I’ve been tagged.

Name 20 people you can think of and then tag 6 people to do the tag. (Albert says, if you’ve done this before, you don’t have to do it again.)
1. Stim-girl
2. Mystery Wolf
3. Ching
4. Tech
5. Cheneille
6. Tracy

For those who got tagged, think of 20 names and write it in your blog post first before you proceed reading this post. (I’m going to list lesser-thought-of names to challenge myself.)

1. Johnson
2. Anand
3. Cynthia Ng
4. Rama
5. Sarah Chong
6. Amil
7. Ywenna
8. Pietro
9. Jin Nee
10. Nabila
11. Johnston
12. Effa D.
13. Paulvinder
14. Cassie
15. Sashi
16. Jerry
17. Lionel Goh
18. Iszie
19. Amanda S.
20. Dominic

How did u meet #14? [Cassie]
This orang putih sesat was my colleague and Ramli-burger-mate.

What would your life be if u haven�t met #1? [Johnson]
I would not have rode in a turbo-charged Subaru Forrester before.

What would u do if #20 and #9 dated? [Dominic and Jin Nee]
Hmm, they have similiar complexion, and they both speak English. Why not?

Would #6 and #17 make a good couple? [Amil and Lionel Goh]
One makes orgasmic faces on stage; the other uh… hmmm. Maybe.

Describe #3. [Cynthia Ng]
The Nissan car-show-girl I didn’t get to catch up with because she was missing.

Do you think #6 is attractive? [Amil]
Yes, even when he makes those orgasmic faces on stage.

Tell me something about #8. [Pietro]
He once stepped into the office with a whole load of brain radiation.

Do you know anything about #12�s family? [Effa D.]
Her dad is retired.

What is #7�s favourite? [Ywenna]
Favorite long-haired groupie: ME!

What would you do if #11 confesses that he/she likes you? [Johnston]
I’d tell him not to mix business with pleasure.

What language does #15 speak? [Sashi]
English, Malay, Tamil (I’m not sure) but his brother does a lot more.

Who�s #9 going out with? [Jin Nee]
Probably someone who likes eyes. BIG eyes.

How old is #16? [Jerry]

When was the last time you talked to #13? [Paulvinder]
Sometime this week about beginner guitars.

Who�s #2�s favourite singer? [Anand]
I don’t know, only met him like 3 times.

Would you date #4? [Rama]
No way, I’d get way insecure going out with a guy who looks like Asyraf Sinclair.

Would you date #7? [Ywenna]
Only if she’d never cover her ears with her hair.

Is #15 single? [Sashi]
I think so. He is of a wise age, though.

What is #10�s last name? [Nabila]

Would you consider being in a relationship with #19? [Amanda S.]
What kind of relationship?

What schools did #3 go to? [Cynthia Ng]
I have no clue.

Where does #6 live? [Amil]
I have no idea.

What is your favourite thing about #5? [Sarah Chong]
Her accent and intonation. Orrr-raaaight!

What do you think about #13? [Paulvinder]
He’s a wizard.

What do #4 and #19 have in common? [Rama and Amanda S.]
They both look of mixed parentage.

What special qualities does #17 hold in your life? [Lionel Goh]
He has an affable mother.

What is the most memorable memory you had with #18? [Iszie]
Dropping by her shop while waiting to meet other people in 1 Utama.

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