Fete De La Musique 2006: Pictures

And now, for the feat of delayed musically-related pictures, most specifically from the Fete De La Musique 2006, a musical celebration held all over the world on the 17th of June. Pictures and commentaries will tell you that this is not any ordinary gig with specific genres or themes.

Click on any picture to view it at twice its resolution.

Top to bottom, left to right:

  • When Cheneille and I first reached Alliance Francaise, La Casa was playing. Funky, jazzy with some electronica thrown in! The turntablist is also the trumpet player, and they make funky sound effects too. You must go to their site and download their free MP3s.
  • Tony and Ian, a gospel rocker and an alternative rocker; Soft Touch, singing Disaster Radio, a tirade against a certain radio station that wouldn’t play their music.
  • Wow good-looking white boy rock band! Too bad the band sucked. They kept messing up cover songs; between parts of songs, one guitarist would play a different chord, or the drummer would forget to change beat.
  • Dewangga Sakti with the Gambus; the rest of the group, and…
  • …a very gothic-looking fiddler; Jeep Latino Jazz Band.

Meanwhile, at the back of Alliance Francaise, top to bottom:

  • Azmyl Yunor in Cpilaq, Ronnie Khoo plays the synthesizer, Azmyl makes anti-music. Cpilaq is meant to go against the norms of music anyway.
  • Y2K is true to punk rock, X-Cited Screamers rock your caps off.
  • Dragon Red, rap-rock at its best; Adam swallows the bites off the microphone’s head.
  • Amil hilariously broke a string before the show, so he was relegated to a single-coiled Fender Stratocaster. We pointed and laughed at him (since he didn’t have the thrash metal humbuckers of his ESP JH-1!) Last time that happened was when we saw him play bass at Fete De La Musique 2005! Right: Henry shreds for Triple6Poser.
  • Eddy is the hard-rocking frontman, and Khai plays guitar!

Top to bottom, left to right:

  • Sourtury, with some progressive thrash metal (uh, heavy with changing beats, but without those synthesizers…). Check out the hot bassist!
  • Can’t remember the name of the band, but he used to be in Service Provider For The Poor, Syefri‘s former band; she’s on keyboards.
  • Lightcraft plays British indie rock! Excellent work from the keyboard and synthesizers. Then there’s the spot-on British drawl on the vocalist.
  • Inside Alliance Francaise however, is Superbar; there’s also a piano where Shelly plays Chopin; it was the first time I heard that song Zack usually plays on guitar with Cosmic Funk Express!

On to Bangsar, Telawi area, top to bottom, left to right:

  • Some emo punk band performed in front of the stage in front of Ronnie Q, but the stage was shortlived when the restaurant cut the power. 🙁 Right: Beat The System was on full blast at the main stage, however.
  • Later that evening, La Casa performed again, this time, to more than 30 people (Alliance Francaise had a maximum of 100 people at any time). Big crowd, fantastic reception. We all danced! Right: Wwanao the quirky rainbow-colored world music outfit.
  • MC Switch drops it like it’s hot with a rabid hip-hop-loving girl… who is still seen dancing as Vespertine prepares in the background.
  • One Buck Short from the back; Frequency Cannon from the front.
  • Soft Touch returns, with Melina of Tempered Mental playing percussion, and Wong shredding.

Left column, top to bottom: Alliance Francaise; didgeridoos; Jayaram, one of the usual emcees, the night crowd at Telawi, Bangsar.
Right column, top to bottom: An Indian emsemble; harp; a van equipped with wheelchair-loading lift and an old-school air-conditioning unit (I loved the smell); and finally Edge Of Fire, who was a bit off, with a different lineup. As of late people say I look like some dude from that band; I hope it’s this handsome bugger they’re talking about.

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