What do Rihanna – S.O.S. and Pussycat Dolls – Tainted Love have in common?

Listen to Soft Cell – Tainted Love.

Ironic how both singles are out, sound about nothing like each other, yet have the same roots. Even then, Soft Cell’s version is a cover; the original was performed by Gloria Jones.

…and I first discovered this, when my Winamp randomizer said The Cure – Tainted Love was playing. Well, it did sound enough like Robert Smith for somebody to have mistakenly labelled it as such.

3 thoughts on “Covered

  1. leech Post author

    weird, i just found out about pussycat dolls covering ‘tainted love’. did billy idol do a cover of this song too? *blur*

  2. Hanna Post author

    so there was never a ‘the cure’ cover? i thought it was from soft cell, covered by the cure and marilyn manson 😛


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