Work For Her

I make it sound so simple.

Dude, get a job.

Then maybe you’d stop calling her, giving her a chance to miss you and cherish you. You’re always there for her. Before she can even think of missing you… you call.

She wants to feel secure even though she is self-sufficient and independent. Who wants a jobless bum? That might be it. Some girls deny the men the booty until they get a job.

Heck, you might be more appealing after work, formal wear, male pheremones in the air.

Waste no time! If both of you are serious and intense about relationships, then now is soon enough to start. Fear starting, that she may become bored of you? Even if she did, both of you wouldn’t be offended; it’s not so much of boredom but a sense of complacency. I hope. Long-distance issues? You want her, take her now, don’t wait until you’re about to leave to start a flurry of emotions, where both of you will decide to break it off instead of continue.

Once you guys get it on, I’ll be glad for both of you. Even though I don’t know you, dude.

I’m a pharmacist, prescribing drugs that I’ll never use.

11 thoughts on “Work For Her

  1. Silencers Post author

    Dude, next time you wanna post irrelevant pictures… don’t remind us that they’re irrelevant. It’s like snapping us out of the mood. Potong stim tau.

    Some people may see the relevance that you might not. I think the picture fits the post very well, actually. Just

  2. syakir Post author

    "Some girls deny the men the booty until they get a job."

    Not Britney Spears, she even married a jobless bum.

  3. tina Post author

    eh.. the pic is so relevent la… i like it actually…

    britney is stupid la. i agree with albert. most girls like guys with a clue or some direction in life… a guy with a mission is hot.. =)

  4. Broken Scar Post author

    I’m a pharmacist, prescribing drugs that I’ll never use. <—-MANNNNN!!!! That’s a freaking goodline! Song material dude!

  5. Albert Ng Post author

    Well I wouldn’t say ambition in this case; it’s more like he’s a guy too smart to find just any job. Or he could just be lazy.

    I’d say I have a direction and ambition, but mine is not a corporate ambition for financial gains. My ambition is to impart knowledge without lecturing in a classroom. My ambition is to innovate and educate, to empower (camera-owners), to create awareness (of the local music scene), etc.

  6. syakir Post author

    "britney is stupid la"

    That or when your, your kids’ and maybe even their kids’ life are set financially, being a jobless bum is not that important on a guy’s resume.


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