Yesterday’s Burger King Gathering

Here are random pictures from the blogger gathering at Burger King, KLCC, 29th July 2006. WHOA that’s yesterday! Count your lucky stars, people!

Funky colors are thanks to my infrared-modified Fujifilm Digital Q1.

Jasiminne surrounded by the Lengmou gang.


Avril Chan is always always in infrared (her blog’s left-side sidebar features Sony Nightshot effects, which are really infrared.)

Jolene Lai bites.

But really, she’s a (cock-eyed) blue-eyed wonder.

Cheng Sim.

Jasiminne and Evie.


When Joshua Foong takes off his cap, he becomes a Brandon Routh lookalike.

Fireangel is always happy to see me. (This would be a good expression to whoever stole her phone after that!)

Scorkes, who owns a few dragons. Let’s hope they’re not lost at sea like her Jack Sparrow probably is.

Simple As Cheryl. Accessories sold separately.

From left: Kelz, Erin Tan and Cheng Sim, featuring Ivan the eager photographer.

Burger King KLCC has renovated, and boy is it pretty. A lighted bar makes it easy for camwhores.

One big mob.

And now, for normal pictures with my Canon Powershot A520:

Spot the Suanie complaining about the lack of alcohol. Seems like the older bloggers were not afternoon people?

Jasiminne guards entry.

Jasiminne is enraged. (Okay, this was with the infrared camera.)

Slinky, Shaz and Jasiminne.

Jenifur reprises her role as a PC Fair promoter.

Full-color bar.

I have to say, Yvonne Foong captured a very poignant picture of me.
There’s a second one.

For more pictures, you should start at Tan Yee Hou‘s post.

15 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Burger King Gathering

  1. Jayelle Post author

    how in the world did my eyes get blue???

    *saves photos of myself*

    now you come over and see your cute mug over at my place:)

  2. Joshua Post author

    "When Joshua Foong takes off his cap, he becomes a Brandon Routh lookalike."

    I do??? 🙂

  3. b4byhe4ven Post author

    albert!!!! =(
    when u gonna send me my 1337 photos?? =p that and come yumcha.. havent seen u in ages~

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    Jayelle: I rarely have that expression in my eyes. Consider yourself lucky.

    Skyler: There was one, but it was out-of-focus. I’ll see what I can do with Photoshop and send it over on MSN.

    Joshua: That, and you gotta NOT wear a cap the whole day, lest cap-hair spoil your Super-hair-curl.

    food lover: LOL yeah. Thanks for the Little Penang suggestion. When the waiter was blur I thought I was in a mamak.

    scorkes: Jack will be back! (In the sequel.)

    b4byhe4ven: SENT! ALAAA you ah, busy with Rudy. Bumped into the brothers and your shisha-loving buddy at Hartamas Square and Laundry Bar at many occasions. But you guys don’t ever come out with them… do you?

    s!mple cheryl: *swallows batteries and eyes light up* It was nice meeting you too! Jom ber-gig. This Friday you must see Cosmic Funk Express at the Jazz Fest; it’s their last gig. 🙁

    Oh and I bumped into One Buck Short at the Jazz Fest the Friday before the gathering. Nice uh… beer-loving people.

  5. Boss Stewie Post author


    I was writing a post about the meet as well when I realized that I didn’t have any pictures with you!!!


    I’m so sorry.. we’ll definitely have to meet up again even if it’s just for that one picture 😛

    great meeting you albert.. you were one of my favourites at the meet

  6. ChengSim Post author

    YOU! the guy who refuses to share the sofa with me!
    YOU! the guy who spoke malay to me throughout the meet!
    YOU! Albert Ng The Gadget Dude!

    hehe. i love the pic. i even post that up in my blog. tima kasi banyak2 yek?
    nice meeting you, Albert. ur so funny!

  7. bodicea Post author

    funky shots, man.

    I looked so friggin’ bubbly in that shot you took of me that I almost didn’t recognize myself.

    Meh. when we gonna hang out? we should, you know.

    you could teach me some kickass camwhore techniques too.


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