Brokeback Chair

Amongst all the chaos that is ensuing between my two computers, alternating between states of On and Working and Off and Blue-Screen-Of-Death-ing, there is one little thing that can bring me happiness.

A new chair.

My old trusty Brokeback Chair. I don’t know how it loosened itself to the point that I’d have to break out a pair of nutcracker pliers to turn the nuts back in place. After a while it would lean back again.

My new stiff-back chair.

As you can tell, it’s not exactly new. The offices upstairs were getting new chairs, and old chairs were going at RM20 a piece! I grabbed one.

You may also notice the mess around; I’d only clean it up once both computers are working. That means less pictures for all of you. 🙁

10 thoughts on “Brokeback Chair

  1. Silencers Post author

    Oh my, such mess
    All the rubbish you need less
    Clean it all up you must
    Else it all would just collect dust
    Where is it, I cannot see
    For I’m looking for your bloody PC.

  2. Tracy Post author

    I believe that children are our (uncluttered) future
    Teach them well (to clean up) and let them lead the (non-littered) way
    Show them all the beauty they posses inside
    Give them a sense of pride (of cleaning after their own mess) something something
    Let the children’s laughter (not their asthmatic hacking noises) remind us how we used to be.

  3. Tracy Post author

    Young man, you better clean up your work area. A rat can get electrocuted there!
    And I only agree with you 50% on the ‘why I am the core of the Hot Chick Solar System’ theory…

  4. yin Post author

    Trace babe! I hate to say this, but u sound like some aunty 😛

    So pray tell us, which 50% do u not agree with?

    I think albert sounds so egoistic in a kinda non-egoistic manner 😉

  5. Albert Ng Post author

    Dr. Tan, thank you for noticing
    Your observation skills are amazing
    The mess, the mess was just to distract n00bs
    To take stress away from my Rubik’s Cubes


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