Well, More Like Sunset At That Time

And now, for pictures from the first week of Sunrise Mont Kiara Jazz & Rhythm Fest, 28th July 2006 and 29th July 2006.

Dan Nizam is one fifth of…

…the Rachel Guerzo Quartet, which…

..features her father, Salvador Guerzo…

…and her uncle Louis Soliano.

Vincent Ong included makes five, so it should be a quintet, yes?

Ivan, Shaz and Jasiminne get up on stage with kids to win prizes!

Next up was Lewis Prasagam, hard-hitting drummer, with…

…Chris Wright, who got all the girls’ attention…

…and Wan Asfarezal on bass.

Bruno Leflanchec looks like Paul McCartney.

He also plays a mean flute.

Elvira Arul came on for guest vocals.

Into the void.

Keeran from the Malaysian Dhol Federation.

Jimmy the “Prince of Sax”…

…the photogenic…

…snake charmer.

Funky hair, yo.

And on to Saturday the 29th!

Steve Thornton…

…and his percussion unit.

Jamie Wilson on silent guitar.

Amir Yussof.

And now, for a technical rant. The lighting was bright enough, so don’t use flash! (This goes especially to those digital SLR users, who could afford ISO1600. One Nikon D70s user was afraid to go above ISO200. What the heck?) I’d underexpose by one or two steps (or else the motion blur will cause a white blurry mess). Never mind that the background was dark, as long as the details on white shirts can be seen. ‘sides it would be better to have a dark, broody sharp (due to fast shutter speed) contrasting image than a bright, colorful, but blurry image. Also, the colored lights are funky.

Most shots were in the 1/80th of a second range, ISO 200, F5.6 aperture (on those zoomed all the way).

My next Jazz Fest entry should include a musical rant then. 😀

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