Bridge Before Chorus

I forgot to pimp Broken Bridges. Go watch it because it has one of the most real emotional scenes. Almost made me cry. Almost. My friend wished she didn’t wear mascara.

Colin Kirton’s fatherly anger and disappointment reverberates through the hall in the last scene of the first half. So real, so intense and visceral, Ming (played by Douglas Lim) need not fake tears. Now this really hit me, unlike a Samuel Beckett play. This wasn’t a play where you’d need to look beyond the symbolism. This was it, in your face. (Though the fact that it was in spoken dialogue instead of song probably helped.)

Major props to the costume designer for dressing the chicks in colorful 60’s one-piece dresses. Makes my imagination go wild as to what is underneath. 🙂 (Though you know what they say – Ipoh Mali Kencing Tada Bunyi.)

Also check out Davina, who takes hardly any effort to act (she already has experience playing a Goofy-like nerd and a hot waitress!)

While the plot jumps abruptly (where’d the hot sister go? Is she reappearing as one of the musical ensemble?) it’s still easy to follow. Besides, the show would be longer if they explained everything. 😛

It bummed me out because of the story – Ming was leaving Ipoh for the greener grass of Kuala Lumpur. Being from KL myself, I’d be selfish and beg them not-from-KL people to stay. Don’t leave us! I’d miss your house parties and cooking and singing and rubbing your head for enlightenment. There’d be better modelling gigs in KL… right? There’d be rockier gigs in KL… right?

At the same time, some people want to leave this country. The reason why I stay is because I want to make a difference here… and there, they don’t need my help as much. If you leave, things won’t get any better. For those rockers unable to rock freely, go forth and teach your students how to jam on the blues! Inspire them, for these kids will be rocking out in the year 2010.

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  1. iamyuanwu Post author

    Darn! I missed it. I was working. I knew the guy who wrote the show. I even went for the audition which I failed terribly, heh.

    Darn… Missed it!


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