Sparks Fly

I was at The Curve to shoot fireworks.

I went in to Laundry Bar, to check out the crowd, and they started counting down 5 minutes early, so I rushed out, to get stuck near the bar. I present the roof as proof.

Initial overexposure caused a torch-like effect.

I also zoomed all the way in to try panning shots.


Corny ears!

Overexposure argh. On a technical note, lower your ISO to its minimum, say ISO 50 or ISO 80, since you don’t need it. Set the mode to shutter priority and dial in EV -2 (to darken the smoke clouds, and to have brightly colored trails rather than whitened out trails). Add a polarizer filter to darken the smoke clouds as well (I forgot to bring mine.) I used shutter speeds from 0.5 seconds to 1.6 seconds, looking through the viewfinder upwards. My neck hurt but I was amazed at how stable that position was! (Bring a tripod next time.)


Splash into a mash! Handshake can be artsy.

Faster shutter speeds capture fireworks at the apex, like floating spermatozoa.

Watch out it’s the glowing ball of energy, draining power from Cineleisure Damansara!

Longer exposures leave room for more explosions.


Finally, a mainstream fireworks shot everybody loves.

…and one more, for the encore.

Happy 49th Independence Day, Malaysia. I hope you’ll mature and may we not be harrassed by undercover triggerhappy gunmen.

…and here’s some text copied from Alda‘s blog.

From Paul Millott, owner, Solar Power Training Centre, 8, Resource Industrial Centre. Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

The following incident occurred OUTSIDE in the car park, not inside any premises

Natasha (witness):

I was walking towards the restaurant next to Rajoo Flour Mill. Just as I saw Paul at the restaurant and went over to join him, I heard gunfire. The first two or three shots were from the opposite side of the car park, but at first I could not see the gunman.

Suddenly a crazed gunman in jeans and black T shirt appeared, running towards Paul and fired shots into the air. He did not identify himself or give any reason why he was firing his gun. He then pointed the gun at Paul and shouted “You get over there”, indicating with the gun the direction he wanted him to go. He had just fired two shots about ten feet from the people seated in the restaurant They promptly ran, terrified, knocking over tables and chairs. People in the car park also ran but the gunman turned around and ordered them to come back. At this point Paul ran back to the entrance to his cafe, which was empty but one half of the two shutters was still half open. I saw two or three people rushing out of the cafe and the glass door was shattered in the panic. This was plate glass and will cost something like RM2

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