Moonshines And Bazookas

10th August 2006, Laundry Bar, The Curve: Moonshine KL

Zalila Lee, with Melina of Tempered Mental playing bass.

Jerral Khor plays the same instrument Zalila is playing and sports the same cool chicken hairdo that Zalila is having.


Slow shutter/night mode flash; flash, then move the camera about.

Deserters were a lot more alive and a lot more indie rock.

…I remember them being atmospheric before; perhaps the other members changed their vibe?

Fathulistiwa Soundscapes. Fathul lost his badass long hair from before.

Shelley Leong and band.

Behind, the never stationary Az Samad.

I didn’t get to stay to catch the open mike acts. 🙁

And now, for some time-space-continuum confusion – a slight jumble! Bottom-left: Az does a tribute to Zack Kim; bottom-right: Az duels with Alda. Top-left: Cheryl and I rock out; top-right: I steal stim-girl‘s funky hat. 😀 Yeah, the upper pictures are from the gig below.

What gig? Project Bazooka presents Rhapsody versus Tempered Mental, 17th August 2006, Laundry Bar as well.

The lighting makes it seem like I desaturated all the other colors, leaving only red.

Rhapsody borrowed Tempered Mental’s drummer, Jimmy

…and Tempered Mental’s bassist and vocalist, Melina.

Nicole the R&B/jazz/soul diva has an amazing voice.

Are you seeing triple?

Khai-Lee: Alright, Nicole, it’s now time for Tempered Mental to play.
Nicole: But… but… I haven’t finished thanking everybody yet!

Dear God…

…may everybody who watches buy our CD, coz we’re cool, and if you buy our CD, you’re cool.

Heck, buy as many as the number of people you see in the glass!

Alright, so Jack shreds along to Melina’s progressive rock basslines; he interestingly gets a few bars to throw in a solo where there wasn’t one before.

So what about the versus bit? I felt conned. Damn you Khai-Lee and Yu-Ri! Dashing my hopes. Rhapsody and Tempered Mental all got on stage, and Nicole harmonized the backing vocals (while Ywenna played keyboards) to Tempered Mental’s Pure. But that was it! And we all wandered around aimlessly after that, since it ended so quickly and early.

2 thoughts on “Moonshines And Bazookas

  1. stim-girl Post author

    Wah, Again!

    and i wanna buy Tempered Mentel CD!!! Where to buy from?

    Melina is so daaaaaamn attractive, sial.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Get it from them! I think you can get it at Victoria Music also, they support the underground scene wan. There’s also a rock shop in Pertama Complex that has everything.


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