Win a Sony T30, YO!

This time around, I am pimping things I can’t enter or am not necessarily going for.

I can’t join this contest because I work at Xfresh, and I coded that promo. Yeah, you can report bugs to me.

Also, another pimping:

What: Freedom.Film.Fest.2006, a 3-day film fest featuring documentaries from local and foreign filmmakers, amateurs, communities… the works. Come and be blown away by the social issues and controversies running rampant in our society and around the globe.
Where: Taylor’s College Subang Jaya
When: 29th September 2006 – 1st October 2006
How Much: FREE! Just email to get your invites or turn up on the day and get it there!!

More details at or call Effa 016 653 1167.

I’m not quite keen, having seen one too many indie flicks, and not being of activist blood.

Either entertain, or give the viewer a message, but don’t kill them with mundane repetition in the process. We’ve had enough of experiments of 5 minute scenes of a person staring into nothingness while feeding mosquitos in a art gallery that is not that art gallery.

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