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And now, for a rare subject on my blog – people!

Left column, top to bottom: Guess whose skinny hand that is; Cheryl flashed at 1/500th of a second in Shutter Priority mode, so the background is properly exposed instead of being burnt out; Bryan Chin is smokin’; Jaya Jusco Equine Park is so empty, the security guards and cleaners take part in the contests.
Right column, top to bottom: Yes that’s right, the skinny hands belong to Davina, a (now very) skinny musical ensemble/arthouse film star/independent movie star, so please feed her so that she may regain her original weight (as in this picture with hippos stuck to her); Cheesie has nailed the art of advertising my phone; papparazzi.

Watching this guy walk was hilarious.

Oh, just one of those KL International Motorshow girls I happen to know, that’s all…

Shaz, behind a slanted polarizer, in Hartamas Square.

Slinky, after setting my camera’s white balance to a strong green wall.

It looks like Cheryl, sitting on the railing in the back, is sitting on Bryan’s head.

smashpOp knows no bounds when it comes to creative camwhoring.

Have you ever come back to your car to find drunken chicks on your boot?

Finally, pictures of… myself, reflecting.

Long exposures with the aid of a blue light. I don’t remember what the blue light was though!

As a bonus, here’s another quiz: Guess where this is, and which blogger I think the orange bear looks like! As always, the winner will get pimped with at least one paragraph.

9 thoughts on “I Blog You

  1. pinz Post author

    MidValley!!! 2nd floor, opposite tearproof and shin cosmetic shop! Beside the escalator… but I never notice the rides around that floor.

  2. Shaz Post author


    I know that place… teh pilllar looks so familliar n the shop too! It’s in MV!!! and

    That pic … looks very familiar like my ex-collegemate’s cousin… that ORANGE BEAR
    looks like

    let me know if im correct ya…! 😛


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